9/11 Where will you be? How will you remember?

  1. I chose to start a new thread and NOT to add to the last one because of the problems it developed. I am going to post a couple of links here that have memorials that people have put together...some of them are GRAPHIC......don't click on them if they might offend you. I was very moved by them and even cried a couple of times so I wanted to share with you guys......Where will you be?? Who will you be with? And how will you remember those who died or helped?



    Let me know what you think of these.....I think the second one is similar if not the same as the one on the other thread.....
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  3. by   fergus51
    I will be at work helping new life come into the world, which seems like a fitting thing to me. I have no desire to see the news coverage of the event, because it seems like it's becoming a commercial gimmick rather than a serious memorial.
  4. by   Robin61970
    I am not wanting to watch coverage, but would like to do something with my family.....maybe a candle light vigil of some kind....in our neighborhood
    I'm not sure what we'll be doing that day. There's been quite a bit of news coverage in our area concerning how the schools will handle it. From what I gather, it will not be discussed at all on the grade school level. But I know my son was affected and saddened by it, even at the tender age of 6. So we'll talk about it. Maybe we'll even light a candle as we did those nights that followed what happened a year ago.

    But we won't be watching anything on TV.

  6. by   NurseDianne
    Our community is having several Memorial Services. I will attend an 8:30am memorial at ABAC before I attend classes, then my whole family will attend a community Memorial at our small city park at 8:15 pm. I do know alot of the churches in town are hosting noon services. It is always good to remember and pray
  7. by   CashewLPN
    I am going to be in bed, covers up over the head, till I have to go to work where I will have my System of a down blaring, and then, I'm gonna work then I'm gonna pass out at home...

  8. by   hoolahan
    I am also working that day. I have to travel to an appointment about 2 hours from home, so, I may just decide to pop in Bruce's new CD, or the 911 Tribute CD and just listen to that.

    I know we should not ever forget, but I think the news coverage has been excessive. IT started talking about how we would respond well over two months ago. I don't think that a year is suffient time for anyone to have forgotten what happened. No disprespect to those lost, but we need to let them rest in peace.

    I saw a special last night, it was the first one I have watched, on the whole concept of how it should be covered by the media, and should a movie be made.

    Hubby and I both agreed we see no reason a movie shouldn't be made....in 25 years or so. We now watch movies about the battles of Normandy in WWII. This was so painful for those who survived most of those soldiers interviewed when Band of Brothers hit last year said they never told their own families about it or discussed their feelings until saving private Ryan came out. But, not being very historically aware (hated history in HS), I leanred a lot about our country, our people, history, other cultures, by watching those two movies, and I think esp Band of Brothers was a beuatiful way to honor the memory of those lost, and the bravery of those who survived. But, I am not sure that such a graphic movie, shown a few years after it had happened would have been appreciated, but I can't really say, I wasn't there.

    And I certainly can't speak as a relative or survivor of 911, but I can say this, I do not want to turn on the TV that day, and I do not want to see any more TV specials before and after the anniversary day itself. Our local newspaper had a nice section of poems and letters that local residents had written in at the time. They were so numerous, very few had been published until the anniversary. Some nice poems, letters from kids, etc, very moving.

    I am torn as to whether I want to buy a special issue of Life or Time, to have those pictures, they are already burned into my memory.

    How do you guys feel about the types of coverages. Should there be a movie? Books so soon?
  9. by   studentOH
    I've made it a year without buying into the companies trying to profit off horrendous tragedy, and I'm not about to start wednesday. I'll go to work. I'll have dinner with a good buddy who will be in town. And in my own private time, on my own, I'll remember. No "USA" bumpersticker or tshirt for me on wednesday, there are better ways to show support.

  10. by   hapeewendy
    everyone will remember/reflect in their own way
    some need to be with people who understand while others just might sit outside and reflect quietly to themselves.
    some might find the need to watch T.V., to make sure that in their own minds the tragedy is remembered "properly" by the very media who brought us the story......
    some might not want to turn the T.V. on at all, being on information and emotional overload.....
    some might fly their flags high into the sky,as a show of solidarity and support for their nation , their homeland , their country.
    some might feel that the surge of flags,and bumper stickers and songs etc is just a way for people to profit from tragedy....
    some might let their emotions overflow, tears fall, still wondering why
    some might keep it all inside, and struggle to explain it to their children.
    some might be filled with hate and anger for the people who inflicted such pain on the nation, and infact the world.....
    some on the other hand might feel sad for the people in afghanistan,and all the good muslims in the world who have also suffered at the hands of a destructive ,hateful taliban regime..
    whatever you do is right for you , the key to this one year anniversary is that we remember, we remember the people who lost their lives, we remember the survivors, we remember the loved ones whose dining room tables have one chair, or more , that will never be filled again,remember the small amount of good that came from all this bad - the fact that for awhile, we really did feel connected, we really did feel like we would do anything for our fellow man woman or child - that we should remember!
    as for me, I'm going to think of everyone close to me in my life - including all of you - and be thankful that I have these people in my life, I will say a small prayer for everyone, I will wish on a star that something like this NEVER happens again and most of all, I will hug those around me just a little tighter.......
  11. by   boggle
    I am going to carry on with my life as usual. The goal of the attack was to disrupt and distroy our way of life. I will not let that happen.

    I will not forget 9/11. I strive to understand the factors that led to it, and what needs to be done to bring peace and decency to lives everywhere. I will not allow all the media coverage to disrupt my life.
  12. by   Robin61970
    Nice speech Wendy.....Thanks for sharing it.....
  13. by   studentOH
    Yeti: good music...have a cdplayer in your broom?

    god bless everyone.

  14. by   Rustyhammer
    I plan on doing nothing different.
    Another day at work and home.
    I agree with Boggle that the best way to thumb our nose at terrorists is to continue our lives.
    I'm sure there will be some type of candlelight thing going on somewhere..probably in NYC where the most people were affected.