9-11 from Ukraine

  1. I have often wondered how we Americans are really perceived by the rest of humanity, so a while back I started communicating with normal people from other countries. As this internet dialogue has progressed, I have come to conclude that opinions from elsewhere are in fact, generally in support of America. But an underlying support and commonality of mankind as a whole really refreshes me. In a sense, though approaches and methods may differ somewhat, the world wants peace. Others have the same inability to understand war, but are not deceived by pacifism. This post is a little late for 9-11 because I had to get permission from its writers to forward it, but I thought it was worthy of sharing. The message is as sent to me.

    Greetings to all Americans & all those who were touched in a
    way or an other by the tragedy of the 11th september 2001.
    in this day we want to tell you that we are with you & we wish
    peace & progress to you & your family & all good people around
    you. today 11th september we feel sad & angry because a
    group of criminals decided to kill in a so massive & vulgar way
    thousands of innocent people. Let's hope all good people of
    this world will work hard in order to make sure that civilians
    worldwide must be safe whatever conflicts are, in order that
    civilians will never be a target. Nobody has the right to kill
    innocent peaceful civilians. it is a big shame on our today
    civilisation that this 11th september tragedy happened.
    solutions must be found, more & more efforts & attention &
    money must go to educate people to be tolerant and respectful
    to other humans no matter what their views & traditions or
    faith are.
    Keep peaceful & tolerant & do not give a chance to criminals
    to make you doubt in the kindness of the human soul.

    with respect & friendly salutations from Oksana and Slava from
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Beautiful....perfectly spoken, AS WRITTEN. Thanks for sharing. I could not agree w/these fine folks MORE.
  4. by   prn nurse
    Thanks for sharing. I, too, have email pen pals in foreign countries and find their world view educating and impressive.

    Ukrainians are the greatest ! They are innately such intellectual and soulful people, and have suffered so much.
    It would be difficult to find a more civilized and charitable people on the planet.
  5. by   live4today
    I am currently in search of foreign pen pals to correspond with, so the comments made here from them are so timely. Thanks for sharing it! :kiss
  6. by   Glad2behere
    SmilingBluEyes, yeppers, they have a unique way with words, such directness.

    Prn nurse, I agree wholeheartedly, most fascinating people, the depth of their soul is so strong and good, and willing to reach out.
    I've learned a lot from them.

    Cheerfuldoer, yes, you should try it! It has been one of the most exhilarating experiences. So much so that I am going to enroll back to school and learn Russian. What amazes me so much is how many of them know English! Completely different alphabets and thought processes.
  7. by   cargal
    Does anyone know of a good internet page for finding an internet foreigner to email? I would love to learn about different cultures and perhaps even visit someday.
  8. by   prn nurse
    Cargal, I don't know of an internet site for finding E-mail pen pals. Although I am sure there has to be one. If you or anyone else finds one, post the site on here so we can all share. I would love to have a French e-mail pen pal.
    One of my foreign e-mail pals I found on a nursing BB. I exchange a lot of info with him. He bought translation software and he translates. And a few months ago, I did the same to share the translation burden.
    The other one, from Moscow, found me. I had asked some questions on a Russian cooking site. She speaks and writes perfect English .
    Another is Japanese. Very interesting.
    I send each of my email pen pals lots of photo's of events taking place here. Lots of front pages were mailed of 9-11. Lots of Tiger Woods, baseball, football, golf, girls soccer, the President, Elvis... LOL ...try explaining Elvis sightings........ ha ha ).
    Anyway, it can become time consuming and a little expensive.I try to focus on what I want the other person to know about America and information that explains how we got where we are today.
    And, in the process, I have received so much knowledge from them of their countries, of their world view, their politics, their leaders, their countrys' history.. It really is an amazing learning experience. Of course with the internet, they send me lots of info from their home countries ...the sites to read.

    I wish I knew a site. It is worth the search...so keep looking.

    P.S. All three have invited me to come for a visit "anytime".
    they are sincerely interested in sharing and showing their beautiful homelands.

    P.S.S. And, Serena and Venus.....great photo's.

    What I learned about America doing this is a lot of our news is either war or sports. I really have to work to prepare a more balanced picture of "American life."
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  9. by   Glad2behere

    I could not say it better than Prn Nurse. That's the way I do it!
    I would suggest doing a engine search on something, just about anything that has relevance over there, I started out about 18 months ago wanting to know the Russian view of WWII, because I had always been suspect that our point of view denied them their credit in that war. I did a simple search on Stalingrad....boom. And then Leningrad (St Pete) BOOM! There is a ton of websites out there set up through university servers, and most are an email posting. Many of those cities have "Chamber of Commerce" type websites now, and you just follow the maze till you score a hit. The better off people are now able to obtain their own email addies in the large cities. Prn nurse is so correct, these people are so intriguing! I have developed 2 very good friends in Moscow as well, and they think I am a total idiot for tolerating the Texas heat! So many can speak English in a breakable form, and the way they phrase things is charming. If one is late for work they do not say tardy, no concept of it in the Russian language, they say they they are "not accurrate"! Invites to visit are constant.

    I live in a very large home, and they think I am "greedy", it is about 460 sg meters. The average Russian home is 60 sq meters, roughly 650 sft. Many of these people do not have access to a computer and email, they have to go to the city and rent time from a service facility or mailbox server...they have to wait in line. The average physician in Russia makes $200 a month. There is a lot of female physicians.

    As far as a specific website where people visit and there is an open exchange of ideas, I am not aware of one. Prn is also correct here as I said earlier, find a subject first, then do a search, and you will be amazed at what turns up.

    As Prn nurse also pointed out, there are language programs out there, and I am so excited to get the latest one. I cannot remember at this moment its name, but would be happy to pm you if you like when I am not in the middle of a "senior moment"
  10. by   prn nurse
    It can be mind boggling. I had never imagined communicating with someone who has never heard of Elvis or the Beatles. One of my closest friends said she was heart broken to learn that my Email pal had never heard of the Beatles. I asked my friend, "How many singers from his country can you name? How many have you heard of?" The answer was none. We've never heard of a single singer from his country. People who have never heard of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe? Which planet are they on? LOL

    And having to do the math...no miles, pounds, etc. I have to make conversions to the metric system.
    What about money? Their money/or ours has to be converted, so we can discuss how much things cost there and here. Other nations do not have dollars, and quarters, dimes, etc. Except for......the old ex motherland.

    What about time? Months, weeks, hours....I will be e-mailing on monday and it is Tuesday there..

    What about writing? They do not use an alphabet as we do. It is in symbols.... what a translation! French, Spanish, etc . is a piece of cake....just differently arranged letters that we are familiar with. What about symbols?

    Movies and movie stars, cars, sports, .....so much of what we talk about in this country has no meaning at all to my e-mail pals.

    It really is a challenge. I want to contribute to their understanding of Americans. One of my e-mail pals has never seen an American. And doesn't expect to in his lifetime.

    They are contending with education, building infra structure, building and maintaining family bonds, enjoying life.

    And they are patriotic and love their country and want Americans to come and see it.

    So, I definitely encourage anyone to seek a foreign e-mail pal. It is a real learning experience.

    And, Glad2be here, I ordered a cookbook yesterday for its' pirogi recipes......the title is "A Ukrainian Daughter's Cookbook."
    It is privately published and mailed from Canada. Small World.
  11. by   Glad2behere

    Their alphabet is partially Greek and something else. I love these folks.

    Here is a very interesting concept....HIV is almost nonexistent there. They screen all westerners for it.

    Also interesting, the thinking in many ways is so practical. No concept of Puritan ideas at all. More of a live and let live mentality.
  12. by   prn nurse
    The Puritans ... what a thread that could be.
    Without our Puritan yoke a lot of psychiatrists and sex therapists might be looking for work.
    Foreigners' I've met do not have the sexual self- conciousness so prevalent - especially among females in this country.
    They are more relaxed and consider sex a natural part of life.
    For the most part.... no hang-ups.

    I sent them Victoria Secret's catalogues, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, sales catalogues from department stores.
    (Along with the other magazines & catalogues, for a balance. )
    No difference, really, they have all that stuff to buy, but it is considered the norm. The difference they noted was their models are not as skimpily dressed....and childrens' clothes are still "childrens' clothes". Ladies all over the world buy frilly
    underthings,.... theirs seems to be out there with the sox and stockings. Victoria's Secret probably wouldn't survive outside the U.S.
  13. by   Sleepyeyes
    There are also "international chat rooms" that auto-translate your native language into other languages.
  14. by   Glad2behere
    Why thank you Sleepyeyes, thankya veruh mucch!