'60s Kids

  1. You know you're a child of the Sixties if........

    You can remember what Fizzies, Space Food Sticks, and Black Cows were

    When you heard the song "San Francisco" on the radio, you imagined zillions of people walking around with flowers in their hair

    You routinely ate dinner with your parents while listening to Walter Cronkite or Chet Huntley discussing the day's body count from Vietnam

    You wonder what happened to the Pink Panther, Underdog, Heckle & Jeckle, and HR Pufnstuf.

    You were born just a little too soon to appreciate "Sesame Street".

    You remember Mr. Ed ("A horse is a horse, of course, of course......"), "Petticoat Junction", "Fight of the Week" and the day your parents finally bought a color TV so the family could see "Bonanza" in all its glory.

    You used to be able to buy candy bars for a nickel, a Coke for fifteen cents and a new Barbie doll for $4.99.

    Your entire education regarding drug use was Mrs. Burhop's LSD movie and a vague warning never to take sugar cubes from anyone you didn't like.

    Halloween was FUN, and you didn't have to worry about razor blades in apples or the homemade popcorn balls sweet old Miss Allison made every year.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    That would be me :chuckle

  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Here's a few more!

    You're a '60s kid if.......

    You thought that riding into town on your bike---you know, the one with the sissy bar, the banana seat and the basket that held your transistor radio---and hanging out on Main Street drinking Cokes with a few of your friends was the best use of a Saturday afternoon ever invented.

    You wore a hat and gloves to church.

    You ever owned a portable record player and a collection of 78s.

    Your heroes were astronauts.
  5. by   Tweety
    Me too! But I remember the razor blade in the apple scare during the 60s when I was a kid.
  6. by   jnette
    Oh yes, yes, YES !!! Dang, what great memories...

    And even though I wasn't raised here and didn't get to experience "hanging out on Main Street", and some oif the other things you mentioned, I was enough in the loop to have experienced many of them... and yes.. definately the "hat and gloves to Church".. well, especially the hat. I'll have to find one of my old pics from when I was 17, and taken before going to Church that Sunday. I was wearing the "geometric" look.. black and white, the big plastic bangle bracelts.. remember those? The wide ones?

    And remember "toppers" ? I remember wearing those to Church when I was little.. well, about ten or twelve. They were soft, fleecy kind of "dress jackets" (usually pastels) with one or two big buttons on the front.

    And yes.. I thought I was in heaven when I got my small plastic portable record player .. on which I played the Beach Boys, Monkeys.. and the song "Dwontown" over and over again.. and of COURSE "Nights in White Satin" (still one of my favorites and STILL can reduce me to tears). Hey, I even took that portable record player on our annual school field trip.. our Rhine River Cruise.. held each year before school let out. I remember wearing Bermuda shorts, and all my German friends looking at me funny. That year "when a man loves a woman" and "sitting on the dock of the bay" were huge hits and I played those 45's on our field trip up on the ship deck.

    And remember corderoy Levis? LOVED them, still do ! I had them in eggshell, light blue, dk, green, brown, and black. Had to run up to the PX and buy them for my German friends as well. Along with Penny Loafers.

    Ahh.. the good ol' days.
  7. by   madwife2002
    I was born in the 60's but feel I remember more of the 70's.
    But here are a few things I remember

    I remember the man walking on the moon and oh how our illusions have been shattered re that acomplishment.
    I remember the chopper bikes
    I remember Batman and Robin
    I remember being frightened of the 'cold war'
    I remember bottles of coke

    I remember running wild all day long and not having a care in the world
  8. by   jnette
    We still buy coke in glass bottles.. taste sooooooooooooo much better !

    And choppers.. omg.. how I loved them ! That's how I met my ex.. was puttering around base on my moped and came across a barracks with a LOT of bikes out front.. and a really nice chopper ! It was his. He later converted it back to custom (a 650cc Triumph) and taught me to drive it. Of course it wasn't long before I had my own.
  9. by   dknunges
    Here are a few:
    When low rise flare jeans were call hip hugger bell bottom pants, Clogs, Clip on or stick on earrings. Hot Pants. Washing new jeans 20 times before you wear them to get the stiffness out and fade them.
    Troll Dolls, When there was only 1 type of Barbie and Ken
    Black and white TV's without remote control and cable
    Gas was only 24 cents a gallon and not unleaded
    When a teenagers first car was something in the line of a 61 Dodge Dart and not a 2004 Mustang convertable!
    TV Shows: Let's Make a Deal, Name that Tune, Password, Newlywed Game and when soap opera's were on 30 minutes long
    Drive in Theaters, 8 Track Tape Players and Turn Table that came as a stereo unit.
    Dragging Main Street and Friday night
    Ironing your long hair straight or Sleeping on Orange juice cans to curl it slightly
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    Oh yeah.......we actually had to get up and walk across the living room to change the TV channel.

    We got three TV stations in good weather.....one if the wind was high, and NONE if it was rainy AND windy.

    Transistor radios played only AM stations.

    Phone "numbers" included letters (ours was something like STERling73209), party lines, and phones came in any color and style you liked......as long as it was black and had a rotary dial.

    We still had air-raid drills......there was a Cold War on, you know.

    Christmas lights only came in red, white, yellow, blue, orange, and green, and they burnt your fingers every time you touched one. They also burnt the dog's nose, which was funny because if you listened closely, you could hear a soft sizzling sound just before he realized they were HOT and jumped away, yapping crazily. :chuckle

    You never saw Jeannie's belly button, married couples slept in twin beds, and people NEVER went to the bathroom on TV.
  11. by   blue heron
    I remember:
    men landing on the moon,
    President Kenedy's funeral,
    Hearing about Martin Luther King's death,
    traveling in Chicago shortly after some of the riots, and not understanding the fear of my parents, and the sometimes hostile looks, :uhoh21:
    The FLQ crisis here in Canada, and the death of Pierre LaPorte,
    and on a lighter note-
    raiding gardens,
    envying my older siblings transistor radios,
    two chanels on TV,
    dad on the roof to adjust the antena every few weeks,
    having TV reception interupted by the planes flying overhead (we lived near an international airport),
    the first jumbo jets

    :Melody: :Melody:
  12. by   Fiona59
    Space Food Sticks, now that brings back memories!!!

    Tang was cool and you begged your Mum to buy the stuff...

    The Archies on 45's

    And I still think Bobby Orr is hot...

    Does anybody else remember Seafarer Jeans from the mid 70's?
  13. by   dknunges
    The silver Christmas Trees that had a color wheel with a light that changed colors as it revolved.
    When TV shows like Bewitched, Bonanza, Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeanie were NOT reruns
    Water Coolers instead of Central Air
    When a patient was admitted to the hospital they were asked if they wanted a smoking or non-smoking room
    Oh those were the days
  14. by   madwife2002
    Hot pants