6 signs that you have a bad boss

  1. 1. You Do It
    Does your boss ask you to do things that she is not willing to do herself? One of the most frustrating things in the world is a boss who doesn’t work her way into her position from the bottom up.

    Whether she was given her managerial role because of some advanced education or because she knew the right people, employees often find it difficult to take orders from a boss who has never had to experience the more difficult aspects of working up the ladder in a company.

    2. Taking Credit Where No Credit Is Due
    Does your boss take credit for your work without giving you the recognition you deserve?

    Does this make you mad? It should. A good boss is always willing to spread the praise around because it builds morale, confidence and inspires people to work hard. A boss who personalizes all of the successes of your office is only looking out for himself. One of the classic warning signs you have a bad boss is when he takes credit for your work without giving you recognition.

    3. Missing In Action
    What would your boss say to you if you were late? Granted, being on time is part of being a good employee, so you should not feel like you have the right to be late, but this can be much harder to adhere to when the boss is always late. Some employers abuse their power and think that they do not have to follow rules. Coming in late, leaving early and making up random schedules is disrespectful to everyone. While rank does have its privileges, there is no excuse for tardiness, especially when it affects the day-to-day tasks that are required to keep an office running smoothly.

    4. Cover-Ups
    Has your boss ever asked you to lie or to make up a report to cover for a mistake that he or she has made?

    If your boss is consistently making mistakes, missing deadlines and then asking you to help make excuses, then you are in a bad situation. There is no excuse for an employer who is not willing to stand up and face his or her own mistakes. Not only is it unethical, but it destroys any respect that you and your co-workers may have had for the person.

    5. In the Background
    Sometimes employees make mistakes, but good bosses will defend them and their mistakes in public. If it is a costly mistake, you can probably expect an earful once you get behind closed doors, but in public, your boss should always be on your side.

    6. Standing Water is Poison
    Does your boss encourage your professional growth? A good manager or boss shares the successes of those she manages. Setting up subordinates for success whether it is through mentoring or continued learning to reach the next level should be every manager’s goal. If your boss ignores your requests for further training or tells you that you are wasting company time, she is not being supportive of her staff. Personal professional growth within the company should be encouraged, not discouraged.

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