5 mins before end of shift....

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    5 minutes before end of shift
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  5. by   Davey Do

    Please forgive me for being such a Impolite Callow Rouge! I Apologize for not Welcoming you to the Break Room, introducing Myself, and for my Great Temerity in Attempts to Satisfy my Own Hedonist Self-Gratifying Pursuits of Pleasure!

    Although Will Rogers said, "You never get a second chance to make another good first impression" please allow me to Attempt make a Second Decent Impression!

    Welcome to the Break Room, mcdebb! I hope you won't be a Stranger and Stop By Often.

    You know, mcdebb, we can Tell a lot about a Person merely by the Subtle Clues they give us. For Example, you have a Good Sense of Humor, that could be taken as being Somewhat Irreverent. I like that in a Person!

    A Person's Name also says a lot about an Individual's Personality. If you would like to Read more on this Subject, here's the Link to a Dated Thread that Explores Nomenclature:


    Anywhooo... as you can See, I enjoy Having Fun with Art, People, Concepts, and the Like.
    the Two Threads you Started Tickled me so that I wanted to pay Homage to you and Drew a Cartoon Character that I thought fit your Username:
    Once again, mcdebb: Welcome, and don't be a Stranger.

    Davey (Callow Rogue is my Middle Name) Do