5 Duquesne players shot

  1. I can't believe it. This school is my alma mater and it routinely shows up on lists of the safest campuses in America. I read another article that claimed that it is located in downtown Pittsburgh, at least when I was there it was actually considered part of the uptown neighborhood, and more to the point is up on a Bluff where it should be fairly well insulated. (Although when I was there, a luxury apt complex that had originally been meant as a dormitory until the project ran out of $ and was sold to private owners was located plop between a classroom building and the library. I understand the University was finally able to buy it back and it is now a dormitory. I can't help but wonder how many millions of dollars more it cost this time around.) The only crime I can think of that happened during my entire 4 years was the wastepaper basket fires that some mentally ill senior was finally caught setting at the end of my freshman year.

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    How horrible, Mercy.
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    That's just terrible.