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  1. 48 hours did a segment on the game Everquest. It was portrayed as some sort of evil empire linked to suicide and family strife. I say bull, I don't play it but my son and brother do. Even they admit the game has addictive properties but most people manage just fine. I say the small percent of people who show addictive behaviors would become addicted to something else if this game was not avaliable. As for the suicide. I bet if you did a study you would find that the suicide rate for Everquest players is lower than average. It is a community and they do support each other like a family. The young man they featured as a suicide had major pysch problems long before he picked up that game. As for Ben Stein, his young son was an addict. I say go ahead, make the game off limits to the under 18 crowd. I have no problem with that. Ben Stein say that Sony should stop making the game. That is utterly stupid. You have no right to regulate distribution of a video game to adults who want it. The supreme court would never stand for that.
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    I was just thinking about posting this last night oramar. I had heard something about it on the news, and found this article....


    My personal view is that soeone that does something so drastic has emotional problems that are much deeper and were present BEFORE they ever played a video game. Most people can limit themselves, and hopefully parents are limiting their children.

    However, I also believe that for someone with an addictive personality and such anti-social tendencies, the fantasy world of video gaming will certainly suck them in in an unhealthy manner.

    It's like alcoholism. Some people can drink socially and know when enough is enough. To other people, it's never enough, and it's all they know. I don't see them outlawing alcohol, and while there are warnings, they pertain to health issues, not addictive qualities.

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    they did the same stuff on D&D when it was popular ....there were scattered cases of kids doing...ahem...evil/bad stuff...and off course it was because of the game..not that they got overly involved in the game and their persona because they had problems to start with..no of course it was because the game caused them to do these things...
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    Thanks Healther, for posting that link. I find myself kind of annoyed at all these people who don't take responsibility for themselves and their children. Alway looking for someone to blame. People with mental health problems have been retreating into dream worlds since the beginning of time. The mother in this case makes a completely untrue statement. She says you have three choices when you play this game. "Either you die, go insane or quit", that is crap. What about the 99 out of a 100 people who have been playing this game for several years without any difficultly? So convienent for people to have someone to place blame upon instead of facing the fact that they may have failed to advocate for their mentally ill family member.
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    Oh my goodness I read that article and I think it's a load of crap.
    I play EQ.....some weekends I may play 6 hours in one day or not play at all. I may play 20 hours in one week or haven't even signed on in three weeks. It depends on my school and life schedules at the time. People need to take responsibilty for their own problems and deal with it.....in my opinion. The suicide they are speaking of....did you see the boy was an epileptic who wasn't even supposed to play at all....he knew this, but he chose to do so. Sorry this all irritates me...it's like Sunny said with the whole D&D hype......
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    As an Evercrack widow I have much to say about EQ and online games in general but I have to go to work in a few minutes but I'll be back...

    One interesting point: Remember when rock & roll was the root of all evil?
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    My son tells me that when he first got the game it caused some marital strife. He has since adjusted his hours and everything is OK. His wife does not mind him playing but I don't blame her for objecting to excess. My point being made that it was his responsibility not the game makers. If she would have divorced him could he have cried foul and sued the game maker?