3 Weeks and War?

  1. War in three weeks?
    Saddam told: disarm in three
    weeks or it's war

    - Blair and Bush force second UN resolution
    - Backbench MPs set to mount rebellion

    Kamal Ahmed, political editor
    Sunday February 23, 2003
    The Observer

    Saddam Hussein is to be given a final 'act or be defeated'
    deadline of the middle of March before a second United Nations
    resolution is debated by the Security Council, clearing the way
    for imminent military action.

    Downing Street said for the first time last night that there would
    be a definite vote on the second resolution within three weeks.
    To be tabled jointly by Britain and America tomorrow, it will say
    the Iraqi dictator is in 'material breach' of resolution 1441 and
    call on him to comply fully with UN weapons inspectors or face
    'serious consequences'.

    In another signal that action against Iraq is entering its final
    phase and that war is almost inevitable, Geoff Hoon, the
    Defence Secretary, who will be in charge of military operations,
    will travel to the Gulf tomorrow to meet armed forces moved to
    the region ahead of any attack.

    Military sources said there were now about 8,000 British troops
    in the Gulf, with several thousand arriving every week. A full
    complement of more than 40,000 will be available 'in theatre' by
    the second resolution deadline.

    Tony Blair will launch 'the last push for peace' this week with a
    series of high-profile statements and events to try to gain broad
    support for the resolution.









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