22nd December Birthday People

  1. Just wanting to say G'day & send BEST WISHES to ALL the other people here who were born on the 22nd December.And /or the 25th.
    I hope you all have a wonderful day & that you get more than one present!!
    As A child, people used to give me one gift with a card saying; "Happy Birthday & MERRY CHRISTMAS"!!..Lousy buggers!!... LOL
    Well, I'm turning 52 this year & I feel GREAT!!
    The cholesterol is high, I'm overweight, going grey, have wrinkles, fart too often, am forgetful,
    boobs heading south, but... I feel GREAT!!
    Happiest I've ever been & reckon life's what you make it. Have been a nurse for 34 years & am winding it down & looking forward to retirement.
    There are dreams that will never be fulfilled & I may never make that trip to America, but...
    I live in God's own paradise here in Beautiful Austraia! What more could an "old" girl want??!!
    So... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME for the 22nd AND...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the other beautiful babes born in December!!!
    :kiss :chuckle :roll
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Make that AUSTRALIA!!!
    TOO much Jacobs Creek Chardonnay!!! LOL
    ( That's wine made in the BAROSSA VALLEY in South Australia!)for you lot who don't know!!...
    Grace xx
  4. by   semstr
    hey, for a while I thought you meant Austria LOL
    Prost, Grace!
  5. by   tonicareer
    Thanks I am a 22 of December baby too. It is true no presents no cake. Always on Christmas break on birthday and no school party. Plus employers will never let me off for my birthday because its Christmas season. O well that is my pity party for today. Happy Birthday!
  6. by   Grace Oz
    I'll raise my glass on the 22nd & drink to our shared birthday & good health!
    Added to having my birthday so close to christmas, my wedding anniversary is on the 20th December!! LOL.... It just happend that way!! LOL.... WHAT a week it'll be! GREAT fun celebrating.
    You have a wonderful day no matter what you're doing!!...
    As I said, I'll toast your good health from way over / down under here in Aust.!! CHEERS!
  7. by   Tookie
    Are you retiring Grace or just cutting down?
    I must admit dont mind the odd glass or 3 of the SA wine myself
    How's the heat over there - hope not too hot.
    have a great birthday - will be thinking of you
  8. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Sandra, I appreciate your good wishes, ta mate!
    I'm REALLY winding it down & will probably retire in February.
    I'm just tired of it for the most part, the nonsense that goes on, the workloads, unreasonable & thankless people. Both staff AND some patients!!... Have some health issues causing me a bit of grief as well & figured it was time to slow down & smell the roses before I'm pushing up daisies!!! LOL....
    Hope you have a great christmas & all good things for 2003.
    If we do some travelling in the near future, we might call in for a cuppa!! I'll bring a bottle or two from the barossa for you!!
    Keep in touch...
    Grace :roll
  9. by   mopsi
    Ahh..As A 19th bithday person mine too is the same lot..No one can do a party becuase they are too busy with other Holiday functions..Cake forget it it,,there's already too many goodies for the holidays and presents were always combined as a kid..One plus..I'm sure not materialistic..and will never be disappointed on my birthday becuase its never been anything to do much about anyway..Happy bithday December Partners..and a special candle for all my co-sagitarians
    My mom's birthday is December 24th and she's always getting screwed. One card. One present. One party. Everything is Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas. I always go out of my way to make the day extra special for her. We even boycotted the usual family Christmas celebration, which they insist take place on the 24th, her birthday, instead of holding it the 25th.

    Happy Birthday to you Grace Oz! SOunds like you're already on your way to making it a great birthday!

  11. by   Grace Oz
    G'day Mopsi & Heather,
    Thanks for the good wishes, I'm looking forward to celebrating!
    WWWEELLL... I've already started in a way! Have opened a couple of bottles of good "fruit of the vine" already!! LOL

    MOPSI; HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 19th ... ENJOY!

    Heather. I'm glad you spoil your Mum on her special day, it IS important to be acknowleged & validated on our birthday, no matter what time of the year. Say G'day to your Mum from me here "Down Under" & tell her I send very Best Wishes. I hope she receives some nice gifts, cake & PLENTY of hugs!!
    I'll be thinking of ALL us December Babes as I raise my glass to toast our collective good health & happiness!!... Now, how MANY glasses do I need?!?!??! LOL.
    Cheers to all....
    :kiss :roll
  12. by   TMCmom
    Happy Birthday to you Grace.
    My oldest daughter will be 13 on your birthday. Not yet officially a teenager, but already in possession of the legendary attitude!
    But still the best Christmas present I ever recieved!
  13. by   CATHYW
    Grace Oz, Happy Birthday, a bit early! You and my husband share the same birthday!

    My son's birthday is the 19th. He will be 30 this year. Of course, I was only 10 when he was born! LOL! I agree with what you said about this being the greatest time of our lives. I am really enjoying life!

    Have a Happy Birthday, and enjoy the holidays, too!
  14. by   adrienurse
    Happy Birthday! I'm kind of partial to the December 23rd people as well.