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  1. 20 Years ago today we moved into this house we had 2 little children - 21 months and 3 months old it was in the middle of a drought and that year was so hot ( abit like it is at the momnet here in Australia) Our house did not have a tree or a blade of grass - there were only 5 houses on our estate - we are the only residents left from the first 5 - It is a special house for us our chiildren and their friends have trecked through and we have had many frineds and memories - l am thinking about this because of the fires in Canberra and how important a house with memories is. Also l remebered earlier it was 20 years - and have thought how much haaas changed and grown - lots of trees now lots of grass and lots of memorie
    Tell me how long have you lived in your house and what makes it so special for you.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Been here two years. It's special because it's the home my spouse and I bought together and got our first pet.

    But I hate this house, we're beginning to see how cheap it really is, the roof leaks and the floor is cracking and the lawn sprinkler system had to be replaced.

    My parents still live in my childhood home and have to nearly 40 years. We were the last house on the block and the road was a dirt road, behind us was woods. Now the area is completely developed. The woods behind the house and been torn down and a large sprawling housing development is there. Urban sprawl at it's finest.
  4. by   RNinICU
    We've lived in our home for 25 years. We raised our kids here, and have many wonderful memories. There is a walk around the back where they all wrote their names and ages when the cement was wet, and the lilac bushes we planted when we first moved in. We thought about selling it and buying something smaller when the kids all moved out, but just couldn't bear to part with it. We also would have a hard time finding neighbors as good as the ones we have now, so I guess we are here to stay.
  5. by   thatldo
    I read about the fires in Canberra, that's alot of homes lost.
    Sounds like you have a nice home. My house has been in my husbands family for 60 years. Old ranch home, he has more ties to it than I do, but I've become attached.
    I still miss my Grandmas house, which was sold after she passed on, its easy to get sentimental about a home!
  6. by   Tookie
    RHin ICU know where your coming from - thats lovely
    Third shift guy - maybe you can make it better - or ----?
    Still l bet there are memories still being formed in that house - even if they are fun ' cheap' ones
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Well, this house has a lotta memories for me because my grandfather built it back in 1957.

    My mom bought out her brothers, and then sold it to me a couple years ago.

    Grandpa had planted these arbor vitae (I remember Gramma telling me about this while we were coloring one day :chuckle I was about 8 years old....)
    and she said they were too close together. He said it didn't matter; that they were the long variety anyhow and would never crowd the sidewalk.

    Well..... the arbor vitae were the fat huge kind and they were about 25 feet tall when we first got the place. Anyone coming through them to the front door had to scrape past spider webs.
    and mom was adamant: DON"T cut the arbor vitae.

    It took me about 3 years to actually trim it down to where it ---a-hem.... was .... hmmmm.... adversely affected by the drought replaced the roof, and painted....

    and it looks tons better now! (but it's still not done--need to do the panelling and wall-to-wall carpet.....someday.... )
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    We've been in this house 5 years this month, but this is our first year owning it. So it's special for ocvious reasons. I know we won't be here terribly long, but I'm sure I'll have a hard time leaving it.......

  9. by   baseline
    I rented for years, so this is my very first house. I've been here 6 years. I like it because it's open and airy. I hate it cause the area got all built up and now its crowded and noisy. But the house I like.
  10. by   nursedawn67
    Have lived in this house for 13 years. Moved out briefly for 6 months when we moved to TN, but then when my brother (who had been living in it) was killed in 1999 we took the house back over and have lived here since.
  11. by   Tookie
    Sorry to hear about the circumsatnces of taking the house back over - I am interested in if l may ask if you live anywhere near Saginaw - this is where my mother was born and liver for her first 7 years of her life.
    If its not to personal just wandering if its any wherre close to where you live - It is one place l would like to visit someday - PM if you would rather.
  12. by   deespoohbear
    We have been in our house for 8 years, this month. It is very special and I don't imagine us ever living anywhere else. It is an old farmhouse, built during the Civil War. It has these incredible wood beams in the basement. Oak wainscoting all around and wood floors throughout. We are currently adding on to the house and changing it around to the way we want it. It has been slow going, but so worth it......

    Great idea for a thread.....
  13. by   l.rae
    9 years this June......sits at end of cul-de-sac on top of hill, even the driveway is uphill.....beautiful view facing sunsets. We debated for 2 yrs to move, build or re-model....decided on remodel. So far, dh has laid a hardwood floor on all 1st level, knocked out most of 2 walls and is custom building my kitchen cabnets....maybe l will try to post pic some day.
  14. by   2banurse
    Although I have always been the one to move, I've always felt secure that my childhood home is still owned by my family, so far. First of course, it was owned by my mom and dad since 1964 - two months pre-me!! Then when my mom decided to move to FLA, she sold it to my sister and her husband. Now the husband, my awful BIL, wants a divorce but won't move out...he thinks he can get it...so he's trying to exhaust all of my sister's resources. The problem is, he has totally underestimated her...she's decided to sit back and enjoy the house, if he wants out so bad...he'll have to leave. She is determined to have my nephew grow up in this wonderful neighborhood. I wish I was a fly on the wall...cause it will sure as he** frustrate my BIL whose on a power kick.