2 important things conflicting! and I'm running out of excuses!

  1. Ok . . . I am on independant study which is a type of home study for high school, and it works out good for me . . . and I'm going to graduate early. I only take one class at the actual school called work expiriance. I get ALOT of credits for my working hours. My teacher has been on me for weeks now to get my employer to sign my work expiriance papers which are all really dumb anyways . . . its like my employer has to fill out alot of stuff like wriing down 10 goals for me, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Anywho, whenever I get to work (even if I come early) I either get tied up in something very important like some one falling, or some one asks me to help them before I get on the clock while everyone else is busy. and If I have the time to get my papers signed, my employer is in a meeting, or very busy. I don't think staff of such a busy job should be bothered by silly highschool stuff. I feel like a little kid just asking for these to be filled out, and I just havn't had the time to get them filled out. For these past few weeks the excuses were: I lost them; I forgot; my employer wasnt there; been too busy: what shall it be this week? I havn't got them done and they are due (again) tomorrow
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    There is no place for excuses in real life Mandi. Get your papers signed. Now.

    How do you expect them to give you all that credit for your hours if you can't prove you did it. Make an appointment with your employer outside of your normal work time, then nothing can get in the way.

    It sounds like not getting this done can seriously hinder your graduation. Why would you not take that seriously?

  4. by   Tweety
    You seem to be your own worst enemy.

    Ask yourself "What have I learned from this?".
  5. by   nakitamoon
    mandi,,,,, totallly in agreement with heather and 3rdshift,,, make appointment,,, outside of working hours,,,, asap,,,, and get your paperwork done! you know in nursing,,, the paperwork has to be done,,,, or it didn't happen,,,,, may as well start now,,, you can't make excuses,,, soooo not a good idea!

    happy holidays ~kitamoon

    now go get your paperwork done!!!!
  6. by   renerian
    Time to get your slips signed. We home school a senior and have for four years and she has to do the same.

  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    And when you go in to have this done outside of work hours, make sure you're really dolled up in something so cute that you couldn't possible do aide work in it - then you won't get dragged into doing stuff while you're there. YOU ARE ON A MISSION!
  8. by   CMERN
    GEEZ.............. BIG OLE DITTO.....just get on with it.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    Originally posted by renerian
    Time to get your slips signed. We home school a senior and have for four years and she has to do the same.

    My sister was a senior for 2 years...I thought THAT was bad.
  10. by   Lausana
    If you don't get things filled out for school, they will probably end up calling your employer to verify & that will reflect badly on you-and your supervisor will be concerned that you never asked them to fill anything out.

    Even if your supervisor's in meetings etc. I'm sure he/she has an "IN" box for paperwork needing their attention you could drop your form in and follow up to see if they filled out when they are free. Communication with your supervisors is always a good thing!!
  11. by   kristi915
    If you want to graduate early, get this done soon! You owe it to yourself and your future to do so.

    This being my senior year also. I have learned that you can't wait until the last minute to do things. You have to do it RIGHT when you get it, or else you'll forget and run into problems. Every one has a few minutes of free time, I'm sure your employer would be happy to help you out, if only they actually KNEW that you needed this to be done.
  12. by   emily_mom
    Why are you here complaining about it? Get in your car, drive to the NH, and hand it to your supervisor. Tell her you were irresponsible and that you need ASAP.

    Ya just gotta do it.

  13. by   J-RN student
    Ya'll are so wise.....DITTO!
  14. by   Dr. Kate
    Mandi you're in such a hurry to grow up that you're missing the lessons you learn in the growing. Lessons such as being responsible for your own actions, being responsible for the outcomes of your failure to act, looking to yourself for solutions to your problems, the confidence that comes from knowledge and experience, the ability to say to someone "I don't know how to do that, can you show me."
    I can't help but think that you would be far better served not to graduate early but to wisely utilize the time and opportunity to learn what high school can afford you both academically and socially (you need some serious work on spelling and grammar, as well as your skills in working with others.)