2 Hours in the life of the mother of 2 & 4 yr olds

  1. Don't know why..just felt compelled to share this..

    Yesterday evening, my 4yr old had her very first softball practice. She has been sooooo excited for months, we were really looking forward to this moment. We get there and she bats first because in the words of her coach, "she's the youngest and the cutest" (a man after my heart..lol). After she bats, she goes to the field with the other kids to "catch" the batted balls. Well, these kids are 4, 5 & 6, so very few (thank God) were being hit to the field. So, they're all standing out there (like they do at this age) in a cluster talking and digging in the dirt with their cleats. Suddenly, my dd comes running off the field...crying. She reaches me and says, "mommie, i don't wanna catch anymore". I figured she was tired (no nap) so I just said, "okay, baby..just sit here and watch". Shortly, I went to the field to hit some balls to the kids because they were quickly becoming bored. After several attempts, I finally talked my dd into joining us. She had a blast! On the way home, she was talking about how much fun she had, so I asked her why she started crying. "Because mommie, that girl told me that if I stepped backwards and then forwards..and then bent over, that I'd fall into a hole and go to the next level..and I'd never see my mommie or daddy again. I was afraid I'd accidentally do that!!". Could you imagine a kid never playing a sport because some innocent child had traumatized her on her first day?? LOL! I explained that she was using her imagination, that wasn't true.. think I may have convinced her, not sure..lol

    We left the ball park and went home. Within five mins of being home, my dear son (2yr) was jumping on his bed and suddenly we hear a "bang" and intense screaming. Big huge laceration on his forehead(okay, in rereading, that's an exaggeration..it was about 1cm and only slightly gaping)..bleeding like crazy. For the next hour, I debate on the ER or "riding it out"..couldn't tell if there was a skull fx or not..figured it was a blunt blow..but wasn't sure. Drive all over town getting G'moms opinion, aunt's opinion and finally co-worker and bf's opinion as to whether we needed to go to ER or not. Had already called and made insurance arrangements to go to ER, but HATES that place (yes, where I work) because the ER is soooo dang busy and full of germs. Finally just cleaned it well with h202 and applied polysporin & band-aid. Did q2-3hr neuro checks throughout night. He's fine this am, I'm still not sure he didn't need a stitch or two, but he won't let me leave a b'aid on it, so not sure stitches would have been good either.

    interesting and rememberable evening..
    to say the least

    God, I love those kids..
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Aw. You're such a good mom, Tracy. That story made me smile, but I always smile when I see your avatar anyway. Those kids are such cuties!
  4. by   baseline
    What a good Mommie! Never a dull moment in your house I'm sure!
  5. by   kids
    Hey Tracy...did you know super glue works as good as stitches? My poor kids, back in the days of no insurance...while their friends were off getting stitches for every little cut mine were stuck with dear old Mom cleaning them up and super gluing it shut (or tieing hairs together for scalp lacs). I did have 1 rule tho: if it was a facial cut that could affect their appearance they got stitches (but I always took them out).
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    When my kids cut themselves open they tell me "Dad, can't we just use the steri-strips? It doesn't need stitches!"
    They are usually right.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    I've had neighbor moms coming over to the house so that I can take out their kids stitches. Drs. office over 30 miles away.
  8. by   hapeewendy
    awwwww despite the cut and the poor dark abyss story , I found this cute, you can really tell that you are a fantastic mom, and yes , I agree, those kids are TOO DARN CUTE!

    raising kids really is the stuff that sitcoms are made of
  9. by   NurseShell
    Boy! That sounded familiar! Life with kids...gotta love it!

    There is at least one tearful episode/night here! I have 3 (2 boys, 1 girl) and there's lots of bickering!!

    The oldest boy whines A LOT so when he hurt his wrist last year I just iced it, wrapped it, and gave him tylenol...he was till complaining the next day...so I did a "sneaky check" by inspecting it while his mind was on TV...he whinced when I got to a certain point (and he wasn't paying attention to me) so I caved and took him in...yep, it was broken! a "buckle fx" needed a cast. I felt like CRAP!! He still whines, but now I do more thorough "checks" before I decide against ER.

    It sounds like that particular cut was OK without stitches...kids don't comply with care instructions very well anyway

    I felt so bad for your little girl too! What kind of kid tells stories like that?!? I remember believing EVERYTHING "big" kids said to me.

    Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life!!
  10. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks you guys..
    I appreciate the compliments on the kids too..they are the light of my life.

    I probably should have taken him to get a stitch, but he's pretty non-verbal and doesn't understand instructions well (or at least has me fooled into thinking he doesn't ), so I knew the whole ER trip would be totally traumatic. I could not figure out a way they could suture his forehead w/o sedation and I didn't want him sedated following a blow to the head. He's strong as an ox, and I honestly am not sure he could be held for the procedure. Ok, mostly, I didn't want to have to go through the whole thing . Thought I had some steri-strips here, but don't. Called hubby at work, he's bringing steri-strips and some benzoin home tonight. I'll have to do it after he's asleep.

    another funny from the girl today (this kid's really a trip). We went camping around Halloween and she met this 6yr old boy. They played so well together..they were so cute. We were there 4 or 5 days. Haven't seen them since, but she still calls him her "boyfriend". This am, she looks at me out of the blue and says, "Mom, yanno..if I was somewhere and saw Jeffery talking to another girl, I'd be real mad!!".

    Immediately I tried to phone his mom so I could set up a playdate (have procrastinated this)..<sigh> their #'s been disconnected. I can see it when she's 16.."It's YOUR fault I'm unhappy..YOU failed to keep in contact with my first love!!". haha..
    i'll try to find their new # in a few weeks..hoping they just moved.
    Never a dull moment with the kiddies, is there?

    All that good parenting and attentive mothering, ruined when you got them a stinking kitty.

  12. by   kids
    Originally posted by nurs4kids
    ...I knew the whole ER trip would be totally traumatic. I could not figure out a way they could suture his forehead w/o sedation...
    Uh Tracy...they don't sedate kids for stitches...not even on the face...they use a papoose board, so yes, it would have been VERY tramatic for both pf you.
  13. by   aimeee
    Ow! I think you did right! Love the story about the daughter in softball. Incredible the stories kids come up with and believe from each other!
  14. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by kids-r-fun
    Uh Tracy...they don't sedate kids for stitches...not even on the face...they use a papoose board, so yes, it would have been VERY tramatic for both pf you.
    Nooooooo way I would have let them papoose my baby!! He hates nothing more than to be restrained (borderline autistic, remember?). Back in August, he had to have a 24hr EEG done. Weeks prior to him going in, I started telling them they were, by no means, going to papoose my baby (I worked with these people in the past). I was saying it in a joking manner, but they knew I was serious too. They kept assuring me that they MAY have no choice. The morning of the EEG, the tech came in to place the leads and we discussed the plan. Again, I told her I would only allow them to papoose as a last resort. She left the room and in comes some nurse practitioner (who I didn't know and OBVIOUSLY didn't know me..lol). She harshly informs me that papoosing him MAY be required. I, more harshly, informed her that I, and only I, would determine when that was necessary. She huffed and left the room. He sat there like a little gentleman and watched tv while they placed the leads. It's really bothered me since then..knowing that they just automatically papoose these kids w/o first trying. IMO, that should be some violation of the restraint policy.

    about the kid that tormented my daughter yesterday..
    The minute she told me, I knew in my mind which kid it was..the little brat that I wanted to kill(I'm kidding, Honestly!!) throughout practice because she wouldn't pay attention and kept distracting the other kids. So, I asked my daughter if it was the one with red hair. Nope. When she described her, I laughed..
    the sweetest kid on the team. She was just being a kid..don't think she meant to scare Anna. 'Course, I can't convince g'ma of this! lol