1st XMAS Catalog arrived today! 9 YO GIRL, WHAT TO BUY ? 12 YO BOY, WHAT

  1. TO BUY?

    Help! I haven't looked at any toys since April. Has anyone

    heard what the HOT TOYS are for 8-11 year old girls and

    10 - 13 year old boys?

    I know I gotta shop EARLY to get the "HOT ITEMS."

    What do yours want?
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  3. by   ptnurse
    My 11 year old girl wants a motorized scooter.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I don;t care what's hot. I get them what they ask for and need. And they rarely ask for the "hot"items.....cause I will NOT join the frenzy in trying to purchase them. I guess I am a mean Santa Claus that way. That and they usually get LESS for Christmas then their birthdays; cause I want to remember the Reason for the Season, and just Who's birthday it really IS. Just my observations since we are discussing CHRISTMAS in SEPTEMBER already (ugh). Good luck PRN. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  5. by   deespoohbear
    I also try not let the boys get too involved with what is "hot." Of course, them being homeschooled helps quite a bit with "the in thing." I usually try to get the boys what I consider "traditional" toys such as legos, Hot Wheels, Tonka. They also have a playstation but we screen what games they may have for it. I also buy them books every Christmas and an ornament. That way when the boys set up homes of their own someday they will have some ornaments for their first Christmas in their own home. I do really enjoy buying toys and such for the boys for Christmas. We also celebrate the real reason we have Christmas. We also either donate toys and such to Project Angel Tree or Samartian's Purse Operation Shoebox. I want the boys to be grateful for what they have and to never take it for granted.

    As for a 9 y/o girl, not a clue. I have all boys. I do have a 9 y/o niece and every year I call my sister to find out what to get her. I am totally clueless in that area. Sorry.
  6. by   prn nurse
    ptnurse, Will you get the motorized scooter?

    Are you in an urban area with sidewalks?

    My siblings & I had several Christmases that were totally

    fantastic. It is for a small child what they describe as "The

    Wonder of Christmas"

    I like to get them a fantastic and unforgettable surprise.

    Someday, thirty years from now, they can reminisce and say

    "remember that Christmas that ________________?" (the

    special Christmas when everything was perfect in their

    childrens' world.)
  7. by   CATHYW
    My first Christmas catalog came today, too. It was Bloomingdale's! I found a whiskey mink swing coat that will do nicely-only $3,999! Which of you has room on your wish list for me? LOL!:roll
  8. by   prn nurse
    Cathy, I would love to have a Bloomie's catalogue ! Mind posting the 800 # ?

    Maybe we could all post our favorite 800 #'s as they come in.

    Today I got :
    2002 Fall Barbie Collectibles by mail-- 1-800-491-7514

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston--shopped them for many years -- great stuff and reasonable prices--1-800-225-5592

    The Franklin Mint--Christmas 2002-- cool stuff--shop 24/7...1-800-THE MINT

    Hickory Farms Fall 2002..... 1-800-222-GIFT... has anyone ever had one of their huge $150-$200 trays?
    I've always wanted to splurge & order one just to slurp up all the little goodies.

    I'm sure you can call & get on the Christmas Catalogue Mailing list of any of these places.

    I'd go for that mink coat, but down here, usually one week in January , the elderly matrons wear theirs to the
    local Safeway. The other 51 weeks , it is in the frig in the Cold Storage at the local Niemans'.

    Of course the young women with their minks are only worn

    in a private "showing" at the local resort.

    Cathy, it looks like you might be needing a raincoat and a rowboat before you need a winter coat.
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    11 year old girl....she would love a horse.
    13 year old boy....what else..a motorcycle.
  10. by   Beach_RN
    Let's see Karoke Machine, Electronic Keyboard, Anything Bratz Doll!.. American Girl Dolls, Anything Mary Kate & Ashley, CD's, Barbie Collectibles, DVD's, sneakers with the roller skate wheels on the bottom, Brand New Bicycle, Pink of course! My daughter just turned 6, Anthing Disney Princesses.. from snow globes, to clothes, these are some of the things on her list!

    My son...who is 8..... more PS2 games, and gameboy advance games.... Nintendo GameCube console, the PS2 car adapter with the screen so he can play in the car whenever we have to drive up North...they can also watch DVD's in the Car.. they both actually want that!

    DVD's.... new Bike, more Star Wars Collectibles, Disney Villians Collectibles, Cool Surfer and Skateboard Clothes... New Boogie Board. and Magic Trick Props!

    Of course it's only September and they have been adding to the list since last Christmas! .... as the season grows closer and the commercial start enticing them into a frenzy...I'm sure the list will change and there will be that 1 must have item .

    However.. since tis the season of Christ's Birth...They must use a portion of their saved allowance from the year to purchase a toy for an underprivlaged child their age and we bring it to a local charity. that changes from year to year...this year I would like for all 4 of us to volunteer an afternoon at one of the charity events in our community or church... I think it is very important for our children to learn the real reason we have Christmas... as well as make this time in thier lives as magical as possible!

    They are only children once and those memories are so important! My hubbie dresses up as Santa every year and visits our home and the kids on our block home and gives them a little something! the Majority of the kids on our block still believe and it's such a wonderful for them!

    Please don't misunderstand me! I shop within my budgeted range for the children... I don't break the bank..nor will I go into hock just for them to get everything they want... but I do make a effort to find that must have item on their list... that's just me and my husband... that's what we want to do for them!
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  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    unreal. wow, the wonder of Christmas.
  12. by   Beach_RN
    SmilingBluEyes unreal. wow, the wonder of Christmas.
    Yes Debbie, the Wonder of Christmas...

    Christmas is a wonderful, precious and magical season.

    Because of my religious beliefs.... I acknowledge and celebrate Christmas as Jesus Birthday.

    However, my husband and I have made a decision to incoporate Santa Claus and the fantasy that is interwined with him into our Christmas traditions and our childrens childhood..... As a result the children do believe in Santa, and all the magic that is associated with him... When they wake up Christmas morning, they are surprised, and believe that Santa really does read their letters!

    The children will not believe forever.... but for that period of their lives when they do believe... we want it to be magical and full of memories!

    Of course there are those individuals who do not approve of our Christmas traditions....but that is the beauty of being who we are, we don't all have to agree! We are all entitled to our opinions.. and we are all free to celebrate Christmas as we see fit...

    And I would hope that those who do not agree or like my way do doing things would refrain from being judgemental.
  13. by   prn nurse
    M_Matt et al,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your Christmas beliefs and activities.

    Why not create for your child the most memorable Christmas you possibly can? Christmas morning comes once a year. What a joy it is if you can provide a home filled with love , faith, joy, charity, and "magic".

    Jan 1 comes soon enough and its' back to work, reality, wars, losses, IRS, etc.

    I believe in creating a Christmas fantasy for children , because from my own experience, I know there are times when those memories are a source of comfort and solace.

    I like being able to ask my sister or brother, "do you remember the Christmas we were all together, the Christmas grandpa & grandma were there? All of us kids were together? We had TWO turkeys and oysters from Mobile? Uncle Sam brought a bottle of WHISKEY ! (What a shock in our home!) And all of us girls got big bride dolls and .................................................. ." It is a nostalgic story that renews the bonds we share.

    I think my kids and grandkids are going to live in a threatening and scary and violent world. I believe in their lifetimes they will see more extreme violence in our country. And who knows what tragedies they may experience on a personal level?

    So, if now, I can create memories in their "Memory Bank" to access in later years, in times of loneliness, pain, or sorrow; memories that will provide them with comfort and solace, then, yes, I do want to make that effort.
  14. by   CATHYW
    Aw, shucks! (as she is furiously doing the back-stroke) where did I put those darned oarlocks? Glub, glub!