12 days of Chrismas

  1. For some reason, Christmas came to mind and I was wondering what I was going to do for everyone in my family. I then remembered what our family did last Christmas.

    My three brothers and I each wrote down 12 memories for each of the 12 days of Christmas (144 total each). My second oldest brother then put them all together and made it into a book which we were then going to give to my parents for Christmas last year. Then they heard about the idea and decided to write their memories down too. They were everything from our Grandmother helping us with our homework to all the things we remember from family vacations we went on. My parents wrote about their own childhoods and about how they met, married, and their thoughts when each of us was born as well as when we were growing up. Then at Christmas, we all sat down in front of a fire with hot chocolate and each person read their own entries from the book. It was really funny to see the things we each remembered and how some things were remembered differently by each of us. This is something we all cherish as my parents are not getting any younger or healthier and someday this book will be something we can look at and remember all the times we had together. This book also has things written by my parents about their own parents, grandparents and so on that we kids didn't know. This is also something that we can hand down to our kids so they can know something of where we come from.
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  3. by   KaraLea
    My brother also read some of these memories at my Grandmother's funeral in June of 2001. Things like her helping us with our homework, saying "RUN RUN RUN, QUICK LIKE A BUNNY", and "DAS IST HEIS" (That is hot...in german). She was a wonderful woman and was my inspiration for going into nursing (she got her RN in 1930). Now that she is gone, all we have is our memories and this is a way that we can share them with others in the family. Like my 2yr old nephew and the baby that my brother and his wife will be having in 5 months.

  4. by   Jenny P
    What a lovely idea, KaraLea! My Mom dies when I was 8, but I still have a few memories of her. My younger sister (who is just 15 months younger than me) and my 2 younger brothers have no memories of Mom, and it would have been nice for us to have done something like this (or for the adults in our lives to have done it!) back then so my younger sibs would have some memories of her.

    This might be something that more people could do for their families; and it wouldn't cost much but would be invaluable to families to have!