11 y.o. Boy delivers Cousin w/ skills from pre-nursing class

  1. I thought maybe later, around the time, something amazing was going to happen," Schneider Metellus said.

    It happened much sooner than later: The birth of little Isaac Metellus.

    Schneider Metellus is a sixth-grader at Intermediate School 109, but literally took matters into his own hands last Friday. Metellus helped deliver his aunt's newborn.

    "My mom was a little shocked, so she couldn't do anything," he said.

    Schneider's aunt had gone into labor in the bathroom, but the 11-year-old kept his cool and didn't run....Schneider says he learned everything in a pre-nursing class for sixth, seventh and eighth graders.
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    Early one morning, 11-year-old Schneider and his mother rushed out of their home in Queens, New York, to a relative's house. Schneider arrived just in time to witness his aunt giving birth. "I was walking down the stairs and then she started screaming. I ran to see and I saw the baby coming out," Schneider says.

    Although his mother was frozen in a state of shock, Schneider rushed into action and caught the baby before it fell to the floor. Using the skills he learned in his sixth-grade pre-nursing class, he diagnosed his newborn cousin's condition. "I saw that his face was red and it means that it had good blood flow. Then it started crying so I knew that it had good lungs," Schneider says....
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    This is a great story. Thank you!
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    kewl !
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    You gotta love it! What a kid!