100% cotton

  1. what is your preference? i don't like 100%cotton. i lkie a mix with polyester. just curious cause i hear people say only 100% cotton will do for them. the mix i think is softer and wrinkles less.
  2. Poll: do you like your t-shirts !00% cotton

    • yes 100%cotton is best

      53.85% 7
    • no, i like a mix

      46.15% 6
    13 Votes
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  4. by   shay
    Huh.....interesting poll. I like 100% cotton....although I hate how it shrinks .
  5. by   Stargazer
    Personally, I think a few percentage points of Lycra never hurt anybody-- they wear longer and fit better.
  6. by   aimeee
    Yes, a tiny bit of lycra is nice for fit. A LITTLE polyester is ok, but that isn't what you usually find. Usually its 65% poly, 35% cotton and that isn't enough cotton. Lands' End makes an oxford shirt with what they call a "reverse" blend...its 65% cotton instead and so it is much more comfortable and yet still comes out of the washer well.