"you don't fit in here"

  1. So, a few people have noticed I haven't been in here as much..which I love...nice to be missed actually...but others have guessed why...and well, you were dead on! WORK has me down in the dumps...

    I love my new job actually, but the noc shift has it out for me and are being beyond unprofessional, caring or HUMAN! They have been writing me up for silly things, and I believe making some stuff up (because I can defend myself easily against their accusations).

    Sadly I have to deal with noc shift because I am swing. The day shift is awesome and I love them to pieces...great group of nurses I am proud to be a part of! But that is half my day..the rest is the dredded noc's who hate me with a obvious passion for some reason!

    So, I wound up getting an ulcer and strained muscles in my shoulders (where I keep all my tension). I haven't remained quiet about it to my superiors, but I can't let it all out either because I would be using innappropriate language! LOL! So I guess the half I have to bottle up is effecting my health. Therefore I have been resting and tending to my body and mind for a little bit instead of chatting or posting here...

    I am a very proactive happy person, and I was told last night by a nurse I adore and respect (who works noc on another floor) that I am too happy and energetic for them at nocs...I am also team oriented and nocs like to do things on their own. Total opposite of my theories on life and medicine! So basically...as she so bluntly and truthfully put it..."you don't fit in there AT ALL!". (no that didn't hurt me at all...it was the truth, and not something against me!).

    Then I got more news...they are now doing this to another nurse hired at the same time as me, who is also very happy! This nurse has 20 some odd years in nursing and is good...but enjoys humor and discussion as a team..she too 'doesn't fit in'. She found out about my situation and asked for us to band together and support one another during this! I said SURE!

    It is such a bummer to have nurses that don't seem to like their jobs, and think the day shift is out to get them. I feel bad for them really, and wished I could make their jobs happier and more proactive instead of detremental to others on other shifts. But I guess that is exactly the mindset that makes them angry...they don't want the change...being hermit nurses in the dark of night writing people up is their thing...so be it!

    NOW..this is not DISSING noc shifts...just my floor's noc nurses! Being around them sucks the life out of you..honestly! They are bitter, they are rude, and they are solitary in the midst of a crowd! It is sad..and I will just tone it down to a low level when I have to work with them...and hopefully get a day shift as soon as one opens! (tele wants me bad...but the tele floor is too unorganized for me really which makes me uncomfortable when I have floated there...).

    Anywhooooooooo that is why I have been gone a while...soal mending time. But I am back..getting awesome advice, giving awesome advice..and during the day...I AM GOING to BE ME! Noc time...if I am not at home...mellow..but at home ME and on here! LOL!

    Huggles and loves to all that PM'd me and sent me good thoughts and prayers! It means a lot to me, and helped me over this hurdle. (my ulcer doesn't hurt anymore, but the shoulder...OUCH!!!!!!! still.).
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  3. by   Tweety
    Aw, I'm so sorry to be reading this, especially when you were so happy to get your new job.

    You know, I'm not a shiny happy person all the time, especially when I worked nights, I was just too tired, and perhaps shiney bubbly people would irritate me just a bit, but there's no need to be trolls about it. I notice on day shift we are a bit more chipper. We have to learn to get along with all kinds of people in this world.

    Good luck, just keep on being yourself, but remember you can't force your humor and good nature on others. However, don't put up with lying, etc. which I know you're not. Take care of yourself first and foremost. No need for you get sick.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Thanks Tweety hon! Yeah, sometimes happy irritates folks..which I will never understand, but do realize.

    I guess my floor has a reputation of being full of B's...so they hired on happier folks to illicit a change. Well...maybe swing shift wasn't such a hot idea with the horrid rep of the noc shifts eating other shift RN's...LOL!

    But I will stick it through...I adore the day shift too much to leave! They are stuck with me for a while..the old bitties! LOL!!!! (I once said if they cracked a smile their heads would cave in, and the large arthropod up their sigmoids would come screaming out and die!" LOL!!!!!! That puts it pretty much into perspective I think! LOL!).
  5. by   nursemary9

    I'm so sorry to hear about your unhappiness!!
    So sorry that people treat other people like this just because you happen to be a happy person!!
    I will tell you this, tho. I am a night shift nurse & have worked nites for about 30 or so years!! On our floor, it is just the opposite--we are the HAPPY ones & also the great team workers, wearas our day shift staff seem to have NO sense of humor and don't work together at all!!

    Oh well---you could always come to Chicago & work Med-Surg/hem-onc!!
    At any rate, my thoughts are with you.
    Happy thanksgiving!!

    Mary Ann
  6. by   muffie
    wishing you a quick return to health and smooth sailing with the night shift
  7. by   Antikigirl
    Thank you very much...I will say most of the time I have worked with noc teams it is how you describe it! So this was so odd for me to see! Typically good teamwork was essential with working with so many patients...but I guess these nurses don't want that help...okay fine! I don't get it, but okay...as long as the write ups on me..a good nurse...STOP! (I swear to GOD above three were falsified!!!! I was able to prove myself very easily..again very good at CYA, and will always admit to a fault of mine, or ways to improve for myself and others!).

    Day shift is ticked for what they have done to me, and another nurse...and said they don't want us harrassed away like so many others! They started looking hard for mistakes made by nocs and writing them up. I said don't do that unnecesarily folks...instead we should log how many write ups they do, how much time it takes, and submit that to administration! That way we show a trend of write ups by one shift...show that they are not tending to other nursing tasks...and perhaps need more tasks to help out with days since obviously with so many write ups we are having difficulty that they may help with ...and not start a write up war which would obviously ensue..and directed at me! LOL!

    I think that is a better plan ...that an me being really mellow during nights.
  8. by   JentheRN05
    I hate it when people treat others like this. It is childish and you are much too nice to be treated that way. Ignore them - be yourself, and if they don't like it, well who cares? You aren't there to please them, your there to take care of your patients. Use your bubbly self to keep patients happy
  9. by   Antikigirl
    Oh I am still bubbly for my patients...in fact I kinda giggle when I walk out of the rooms now. It is like walking through a personality changer...LOL...big smiles and happiness when I go in...serious nurse face when I leave (kind of like when you smile for a picture, then return to another different face after the click! LOL!!!!!!!!!).

    My patients still adore me, and I get complaints about Noc nurses all the time...I think I will submit a few of those, and ask the pt to please file a complaint once in a while....you know, customer service does count
  10. by   JentheRN05
    Definitely! If the patient complains to you, ask them if they'd like to put that on paper. "We've had some recent issues with night nurses, we're just trying to clarify" would probably do the trick.
    I truly wish you the best. Your a great person and a great nurse - I don't care what others have to say.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am so sorry. I wish you worked NOCs with me. Chin up, Sweetheart. You have fans HERE.
  12. by   Antikigirl
    You guys are just great! Thank you so very much! I have to go to work in 15 minutes...and let me tell you...I am feeling good, confident, and smiling for the first time in days about this situation because of your kind words and support!

    Makes me wish I could work with you guys too!!!!!!!!!

    HUGGLES and THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   CHATSDALE
    hang in there

    when i was working nights we were a team except for one or two who sometimes were working under protest

    some people will be sour no matter what you do or say..don't let them get you down
  14. by   Halinja
    I hope your day goes/went better! I love your upbeat attitude, and have gotten a lot out of previous posts of yours. I was happy for you when you got the new job...I'm sorry the honey pot turned out to have ants in it!

    Hang in there, you have a lot of people (many like me, who know you from your posts, even if you've never heard of us) who are rooting for you!