"Would the World be a Safer Place without Religion"

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    Is religion bad for us!!!!!
    Saw this article on beliefnet.com.
    Hope the url above takes you there, as it brought up many great points........great discussion groups on this forum also.

    if url doesn't get you there.....search beliefnet.com and find subject."Is religion bad for us?"

    Didn't know where to post this ?????, but with today's events.....as well as looking in history.........it is a warranted ?????

    Religion---man's way of understanding what they can not peg.
    A structured belief system which becomes a this is the right way..........and others are wrong...........

    There has been much death and destruction in the name of religion. I just find this a very interesting subject...

    gotta go be a nurse now.....
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  2. Poll: Would the world be a safer place without religion?

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  4. by   Ted
    Interesting subject, Micro. Read the article which was also interesting.

    I grew up a "P.K." with my father being an Episcopalian priest. I consider myself a christian primarialy because that is all I know. I most certainly believe God/Jesus to be of peace and love and all that seemingly unpopular "idealistic" stuff.

    However . . . I also believe religion to be exceedingly man-made with all of its rules, dogmas, concepts of what's "right and what's wrong"; with all of its varied interpretations of written "inspired words of God" (The Bible, The Koran, etc). I believe that human-kind needs religion to help explain the unexplainable as well as provide some kind of personal and societal order. I believe that religion has been used as the "opiat for the people" by various governments throughout history. I most certainly believe that religion has been used for the justification for all sorts of killing and war.

    And it is with all of this in mind that I make a marked distinction between religion and spirituality. And for me, spirituality is the belief that there is something/someone of a "higher power". And I do my darnest not to define this "higher power" except that "it" wants peace and love and all of that seemingly unpopular "idealistic" stuff.

    Oh, by the way. I believe, in recalling and understanding the teachings of my Christian back-ground, that Jesus was quite the liberal!!! He was really into "turning the other cheek" and "giving 'till it hurts" and "love thy neighbor" and "caring for thy neighbor" and "forgiveness" all of that sort of seemingly unpopular "idealistic" stuff. I'm willing to die for this belief. Don't worry, though, I won't take anybody with me. It goes against my religion.

    To answer your question, though. . . "Would the World be a Safer Place Without Religion?" My answer: yes and no. Sorry that the answer isn't "black or white". . . .


    P.S. I can go on for hours about the subject of religion. Please forgive me for my ramblings for I know not what I do . . .
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  5. by   pebbles
    Moot point.

    We all need something to care strongly about - if not religion, something else would occupy peoples's hearts so strongly that fights and bitterness would ensue. Yeah, it sucks that so many people kill in the name of God. Learning tolerance, acceptance and "safer" ways of showing disagreement is a matter of human evolution, and we aren't there yet, as a race. The root issue is not religion, it's how we deal with our differences - and there will always *be* differences, just the contexts will change.
  6. by   nurs4kids
    excellent point, pebbles. here in the good ole US of A, we witness thousands of killings each day...not blamed on religious differences. Many are blamed on cultural differences and most just differences of opinions. Religion is NOT root of all evil..quiet the contrary.
  7. by   micro
    efiebke.........hey you PK......me, too.............

    yes, I agree.....if it wouldn't be religion, then it would be politicial idealogies, and then cultural idealogies, then then just cause.....

    which is why # 3.....mute point....
  8. by   Ted
    Micro -

    You're a P. K. too??? Just curious. What demonination??

    Did you know that the word demonination has the word "demon" in it??? I just saw it right now while typing this note.

    Oh well. Just a little stream of consciouness writing here . . .

  9. by   micro

    heheheehehe now i can't spell

    religion of origin.....will discuss in PM's.....as I can talk and argue religion for hours on end.........xxxoxoxoxoxox

    wonder how many other PK's there are out there........

    sorry all,
    think the topic of religion and the world warrants some discuss especially in light of today's present situations.........
    efiebk and I will be good.....and stay on subject.....it is just the PK in us.....we are wierd creatures.....us PK's.....

  10. by   Casey7
    If people did not have religion, they would not have faith in anything and would therefore lose their hope. The world might be safer without religion, but it would be much more sad, and I dont think I'd want to be here.
  11. by   NurseDennie
    I think that for every zealot who would create or prolong or even take part in a holy war or something like that, there are millions of quiet family oriented people who feel that their morals are built on a knowledge of an absolute good/evil. And therefore they pursue the good and shun the evil. I think that many people would do this anyway, but I think that religious beliefs strengthen this side of people. In GENERAL.


  12. by   canoehead
    I think people may need something to argue about, so possibly if we didn't have religion it would be skin or eye color (imagine!). Sorry, I'm not too hopeful for world peace.
  13. by   fergus51
    I am starting to think that religion is the root of all evil. It's just one more thing for people to use as an excuse for hate....But I agree with everyone who said if it wasn't religion it would be something else...
  14. by   Ted
    Originally posted by fergus51
    I am starting to think that religion is the root of all evil. It's just one more thing for people to use as an excuse for hate....But I agree with everyone who said if it wasn't religion it would be something else...
    I don't think that religion is the root of all evil. As a species, we seem to like familiarity. We like to associate with people who think and look like our ownselves whether it be religion, political orientation, race, culture, etc. Additionally, we don't like change. Probably, the root of all evil is fear. Fear of change, fear of "different", fear of risks, etc.

    However, as a species, I believe that we can over-ride this "natural" tendency and learn to accept and respect what is different; learn to accept and respect change. If anything, religion (as well as government, and culture) can play an important role in this learning process if allowed.

    I like my religion. My religion challenges me to view things other than through my own eyes. My religion also challenges me to take risks. For this, I'm grateful.

    I also like other religions, too. What I don't like is how religion is taken hostage by our fears and greed. In my opinion, this is when evil things are said and done in "In the Name of Religion ".

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  15. by   Nittlebug
    Casey's QUOTE
    "If people did not have religion, they would not have faith in anything and would therefore lose their hope. The world might be safer without religion, but it would be much more sad, and I dont think I'd want to be here"

    I do not have religion, but I do not consider it a loss, for I have gained so much. I do not have faith in the supernatural, I have faith in the natural, faith in myself, faith in those I love. I have faith that if we take care of this planet it will take care of us. I have hope in my heart that all people will come to understand this one day. I think there is a natural sadness in life, just as there is happiness, fear, contentment, excitement, anger, peace, and love. I can deal with that, because it is REAL. I accept this life for what it is, and I love it, I love this world and I don't need or want anything more. I am not rich, I have been poor. And any dissappoints in my life have helped me learn and become a better person.

    I have felt the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing there is a God in Heaven who loves us unconditionally. I believed as much as a born again Christian. But once I read the bible thouroughly I knew that it really was a nice fairy tale with some good morals to most of the stories, but there is so many flaws in the bible it is just scary. Even Christians discard what they don't agree with. I just cannot pick and choose like that. Either it is all holy and true or it is make-believe. I agree with the statement religion is an "opiate for the people" and it is a drug I can live without.

    So I knew that all those feelings of love and peace came within myself and did not float down from heaven like fairy dust. It feels so good to know that I have such love and peace within myself.

    Sometimes it's hard to except your losses, except and learn from your mistakes, deal with the inevitable pains of life. But WE CAN DO IT. And it makes us stronger, and smarter, and BETTER people who take responsibility for our lives. We don't need to imagine there is more to life than what it is.

    Let's focus on the good things religion has taught us. The virtues, integrity, honesty, love, peace, respect. And lets forget about all the superstitious nonsense. I think deep down we all know there really are no gods or devils
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