"Why did Winona Ryder steal those dresses?"

  1. Reading the newspaper today and the news on the net. Winona "alledgedly" stole those dresses. She does not want to go to trial...she wants to "settle" with Saks Fifth Avenue...(the department store),..."settling" (paying for the merchandise is semi-admitting to stealing it, )... but without a felony conviction on her record.

    I have never been able to figure out why wealthy & famous people steal when they can obviously afford to pay.

    If I were on a jury and some girl who works a McDonalds' got busted for stealing a dress or two, I'd most likely go easy on the girl....figuring she desperately wanted to dress up for boyfriend for a special occasion.

    If I were on Winona's jury, There would be nooooooo beaks given by me.

    I've seen my share of clothing I wanted and could not afford. I did not steal it. The very idea of being arrested and given a free ride downtown, and having my name in the paper is deterrent enough for me.

    Another sad thing I have observed over the years is the large number of people arrested for shoplifting at Christmas time. It is so pathetic that people without money feel so pressured to give gifts that they feel compelled to steal something. People who have no record at all will feel they cannot go without giving a gift at Christmas...consequently...steal something.

    This is a good time to bring it up among family members and decide how to handle gift giving NEXT Christmas. How many of you are STILL paying for LAST Christmas? And wish you had $$$ for a nice summer get-a-way? I think name drawing, a limit on gift price, a reunion(get together to exchange gifts) and everyone bring a dish..is the way to go. NOW is also the time to make those reservations for a place to meet.

    I'm off my thread here...so, why do people like Winona steal and ruin their reputations forever??? Any ideas?
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    They steal because they can get away with it. And then people say "ohh she was addicted to her pain killers and didn't know any better" and before long she is back making movies and everybodies darling.
    I think celebrities are handed so much, that it's normal for them to test the boundaries. It's not a money issue at all.

    I think none of us will ever know what it is a celebrity goes through. Can you imagine the constant scrutiny? I'm not saying I wouldn't love the money, or to even have a craft that I did so well at that people paid me that much to do it. Yeah, I know "boo hoo for the famous people." But I wouldn't take the notoriety of fame any day, no matter what. Your normalacy (let's face it, we've all shoplifted) and privacy are sacred to no one.

    Right now I sit here still in my jammies, and I'm gonna put my hair up, some sandals on, and run to the store for some eggs. And it won't be scrutinized by all of America (except for all of you lovely people here). I don't take that for granted, do you?

  5. by   Lausana
    Kind of like the idea--what do you get the person who has everything....She has everything she wants or the $$ to buy it so what gives her excitement? I guess ripping off clothing items. Sad isn't it.

    Sometimes all of the publicity that legal problems bring celebrities is pretty big, but I think this will hurt Winona & her new movie simply because it's something "normal" people can't relate to, not a divorce or money dispute or something!
  6. by   Ted
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    . . . .(let's face it, we've all shoplifted) . . . .
    Well . . . . actually . . . . to be very honest with you. . . . I never shop-lifted anything (maybe because of the "PK" in me????)


    However, in 1969, I got caught reading a "Playboy" magazine in back of a drug store. They actually thought I was going to steal it!!! How dare them!!! (Honestly, I was just looking at the pictures. . . . .)
  7. by   Stargazer
    I think celebrities are handed so much, that it's normal for them to test the boundaries. It's not a money issue at all.
    I agree. I think celebrities get so used to being handed everything and fawned over--the best tables in restaurants, private jets sent for them, comped meals and hotel rooms, clothing designers who send them free dresses to wear to awards shows--that it all just feeds into their sense of entitlement. Pretty soon, want = need.
  8. by   LasVegasRN
    I agree with the celebrity sense of entitlement - that and that they are always under scrutiny. Yet, being in that position, you would think they would not do something so blatantly stupid.

    On another note..When Michael Jordan was here in Vegas after he had retired from the Bulls, the (mind you, not we the Las Vegans) press was all over him about his "gambling problem" because he was playing a $500 minimum blackjack table and lost $3,000.00. BIG DEAL!!! $3,000 is like a dollar and twenty-five cents to him. C'mon!!
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  9. by   prn nurse
    I'm not sure I agree with the celebrity argument/defense.

    I still think it is a character issue.

    Look at the hundreds/thousands of celebrities who haven't been arrested for shoplifting.
  10. by   Dez
    I think its a control issue.
  11. by   NurseDennie
    I think it's a mental health issue. There are a lot of people who steal things for no reason that you or I could even see as a "reason."

    Heather, you're right - being famous is a B***h. I'm not famous (obviously!) but because of my family and my checkered history, a have a few friends of great wealth and fame. Wealth is cool - fame is horrid.

    But I've never shoplifted either. I'm not a PK, so I don't know what to attribute it to.... Too stinking proud? It never occurred to me? My family were fairly well to do when I was at the age when people experiment with stuff like that, and it never occurred to me that there was anything in a store that I couldn't just have if I wanted it. Now-a-days I'm a HORRIBLE, unrepentant PEN CLEPTOMANIAC! Well, I always announce "I'm stealing this pen." and trade something for it. I got a Viagra pen from the scheduler at my urologist's office, but I traded her a State of Tennessee and a Zithromax for it!!!!


  12. by   Jenny P
    The wrath of my Aunt and the fear of God kept me from ever shoplifting! But my brother once stole one of those cartons of wax bottles filled with sugar water; and my son stole a pack of gum from grocery stores when they were young-- and I had to haul them both in to the stores and make them return the items!

    I think that some celebrities do reach the point that they test the boundaries of normalcy!
    You guys never shoplifted???

    :uhoh21: Am I alone here????


  14. by   Ted
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    You guys never shoplifted???

    :uhoh21: Am I alone here????


    Oh, Heather! I can see your name in the Inquirer now!!! :chuckle