"Weekend bombing raids in Iraq criticised by Russians"

  1. Interesting news this morning in the www.nytimes.com

    Russian president Putin expressed regret over the intensified American and British bombing raids in Iraq....over the weekend.

    President Putin said he believes the bombing raids are "interfering with ongoing diplomacy that is aimed at preventing war."

    No kidding!

    How many billions $$ did we give them to "shut up & go along?"

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  3. by   sjoe
    What he wants, of course, is a free hand to go into Georgia (not Georgia, USA, folks, relax.) without any interference from the US. He'll get our unspoken agreement before long, then he'll shut up about this.
  4. by   oramar
    Is it possible that this bombing is the first wave? I said before that I thought they made up their minds to go in quite sometime ago. I still don't know if it is good idea or not. The president has a responsibility to stop 9/11 types of attacks. I totally discount the statements of anyone who has a polictical axe to grind. There are however, people who have insight into the situation that have nothing political to gain or lose saying "don't do it". There are also people who have insight into the situaition saying it is imperative that we move before another attack on the US comes. How am I supposed to figure this out? Does it really matter what I think if it is a done deal. I saw a story on TV saying they have a new kind of bomb that was really effective in Afganistan. They are stock piling them like crazy and once critical numbers are reached the bombing will start in earnest. This current bombing might be a test for these bombs.