"The prez is taking some heat from world leaders at the G-8 Conference in Alberta

  1. In the first day of a two day conference of world leaders, at the G-8 Conference in Alberta, Canada, the prez is being challenged on his call for Yasser Arafats' ouster.

    The summit meeting is not going well for him.Reporters said the European leaders openly questioned Bushs' policy against Arafat.

    The French president Jacque Chirac told reporters-"with regards to the head of the Palestinian authority, it is, naturally, for the Palestinian people --and them alone-- to choose their representatives."

    The Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretian said, "It will have to be the people of Palestine that will decide who will be their leader. It is premature for me to conclude who will be their leader."

    Tony Blair: "It's not a question of saying, you know, we going to tell people who they will elect or not. That is for them to decide."

    The other world leaders, including the Russian president, steered clear of denouncing Arafat.
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  3. by   fergus51
    Jean Chretien also said it might be good if Arafat was voted out. Not that it was easy to understand with his accent....