"Room 10" = movie related to Nursing

  1. Just saw on Oprah today a new short-film that Jennifer Aniston co-directed...sounds like a really good one - based on a true story:

    "Aniston, 37, was there to showcase Room 10, a short film she co-directed for Glamour magazine's "Reel Moments" series. The series is based on true stories from readers.

    Room 10 told the story of a nurse who gains insight on her marriage problems while caring for a dying patient.

    Patty Zutt, 49, says the film told the message that there are "good and bad times in relationships and sometimes you have to just stay in the room - that's all you can do during those hard times. It touched Jennifer, too."

    Adds Margaret Stent, "(The film) said that relationships aren't luck, they're hard work, and I think that was really meaningful to people - Jen got a little teary-eyed when she was talking about it, too. It was personally meaningful to her."

    The film focuses on a nurse (Robin Wright Penn) whose faith in love is renewed when she meets a man (Kris Kristofferson) whose wife is dying."
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    I saw the show too. It sounds like a good movie. Especially since it shows a nurse doing a job of a nurse. Notice the doc was not hanging around as he would in a TV show!!! Not to say that there are not doctors who hang around, but for the most part case loads prevent the kind of one-on-one attention that nurses are known to give (unless they have a similar case load).

    Maybe this movie will change perceptions in Hollywood and cause writers to actually write story-lines where nurses act like nurses rather then handmaids? We'll see! I think I will watch this movie. :wink2:
  4. by   nursey_girl
    I remember in school having to read Bed Number 10. Was an eye opener for sure as to the patient aspect of things.
  5. by   Antikigirl
    I do admire stories of how a nurse is changed by doing their job and helping a pt! I really do! Brings tears to my eye actually!

    However...I would much rather see a story of how a volunteer in a facility, a CNA, a Nurse, a RT, PT, OT, MD, LPN...anyone has changed the life of a patients by just being themselves and empathetic! I think this is wayyyyyy overlooked by the media...and needs to be addressed far more!

    How about filming a story about my day today where a CNA comforted a pt by not only speaking Spanish where I didn't (had to use a translator phone), gave him comfort and found that the pt was so distressed that they wanted to give up! They spoke of the meaning of life where I couldn't because of the language gap...and that pt was discharged feeling on top of the world! How about their story...that CNA didn't have to do this...but I asked, and she wanted so much to help!

    That is a story I think the public should know about! And many countless other stories of people in healthcare, regardless of status in the facility, come into play and change a life!

    Yes, pts change all of us! But it is a great thing when we actually honestly and without hope for a single thank you or recognition...that we endevor to change theirs!