""WHEN is the last time you wore a full slip and HOW MANY pounds ago was that

  1. LADIES, I was watching an old movie the other night. The lead actress in the film had on a beautiful ecru color full slip with a lace bodice. I was reminiscing and thinking, I think I USED to have a slip like that ! And then, I was trying to recall WHEN that was..................and then I was trying to
    recall how much did I weigh back then? And I was trying to recall why and when I stopped wearing them?

    Do you all recall when you wore one last? Why did we stop wearing them? They are sexy. And how many pounds ago was that???????????? I'm pleading the fifth !
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  3. by   bassbird
    Wow, I forgot about full slips! I was probably in elementary school the last time I wore one (back in the 60's)!!! I guess they still make them, right?

    Somehow I don't think they would look right under jeans or scrubs though... :roll
  4. by   Jenny P
    I actually still have one and wear it under some of my dresses. However, mine isn't very sexy-- I'm not a lacy type person and the plain bodice just isn't as sexy as some of them are!

    Bassbird, you are so right about them not looking good under scrubs! LOL!
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    OMG! I guess the last time I wore a full body slip, I was probably a young girl of like 6 or 7. And I weighed probably 55 lbs back then. Whenever I dress up, I usually wear a half slip. Bassbird you are right, full slips look terrible under scrubs! He-he!
  6. by   kids
    I wear a full slip almost everytime I wear a dress or skirt (3-4 times a week) and dont remember a time when I haven't. Silky ones keep stuff from riding up on my panty hose or chubby spots. I have a couple of thin cotton ones I wear under summer clothes. I don't wear a half slip unless I am wearing something lose...they emphisize the fat role that even good fitting panty hose make.

    I have lots of pretty ones...lacey, plain, silky, stretchy, cotton, strapless...
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  7. by   indeed
    OK, so for some reason, I am having one of those painful realization days (about being a complete tool) but...I have a full slip that I wear as a dress when I go to see Rocky Horror. There. I said it. *SOB* Heh.

  8. by   prn nurse
    Indeed ! THAT is Sooooo Cooool !!!!!!!!
  9. by   CashewLPN
    a perosn after mine own heart!!!

    I have a few... got the lacy pretty ones.....got the cotton plain ones...(some of my clothes, albiet black and goth-like are just plain see-thru)

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