"" Making $$$$$ off of Blood ""

  1. I was so whacked over Cheneys' photo, I forgot what I wanted to post... LOL

    Cheney was giving a speech about taking out Saddamm and creating a new democracy in Iran, ......staffed by the American military. That's when his photo was taken.

    Something I read this this week:

    Making Money Off of Blood

    Maybe the advocates of attacking Iraq have purchased a few thousand crude oil contracts. You can control 42,000
    barrels for about $ 2,000.
    The advocates will sell the 1st day of the attack and make millions.

    (Bush, Cheney, and pals should have to disclose how many contracts their accountants and oil brokers have purchased before a shot is fired.)
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    P.S. They're called "oil futures" on the market.

    There's a graph in today's business section showing the steady rise of crude prices since January.
    When the war starts, the prices will go off the charts.
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    Todays Business News:
    Fear of U.S. attack on Iraq propels crude oil prices higher

    Oil futures ...shot well above $30 a barrell Wednesday because of Iraqi war fears.

    Big importers in the U.S. wanted OPEC to raise its official ceiling, but the oil producers refused, insisting supply remains adequate and explained that the price is inflated by a so-called "war premium", estimated at $2-$4 a barrel.Spikes in prices because of a war threat could send it as high as $65, which would hurt consumers.

    The top EU energy official, Loyola de Palacio, contended with international charges that Washington's saber-rattling caused the high price.

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    Well, oil is going sky high, great for Bush & Cheney.

    The other business news is the stock market is down 24.3 % since January. That means our parents and grandparents who are counting on mutual fund checks have seen their portfolios shrink 50 % in 3 years.

    Is this war business , as many are saying, just to get our minds OFF the economy?