""Do you have a flag hanging outside your house? IF yes, how many? "

  1. If you do, is it a flag that is waving in the wing? or a paper one in the window?

    Do you have one in your car window?

    If you don't have one now, do you plan to get one before 9-11? or 11-11?

    One of my neighbors has four flags waving in the wind. Two are quite large.

    What is their message?
    are they four times as patriotic as everyone else?
    can they simply afford more flags?
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  3. by   Beach_RN
    I have 1 American Flag which I have had up since 9/11, and seasonal flag..right now I have th Back to School flag up!

    I think 1 American Flag suffices..however to each their own!

    On my truck, my husband gave a mini american flag window cling...
  4. by   JailRN
    Have had the flag on the pole since 9-11, replaced it twice. Small, about 3'x5'. Used to have those cutesy little banners for every holiday/season hanging, but now....

    Also have small flag pin on uniform....

    Proud to be an American, probably more so after 9-11
  5. by   jnette
    Two small flags sticking out of the flower planter pots (one in ea.) on each side of the porch columns. Small car window flag stating "United we stand". But will be hanging the large pole flag on 9/11 for that day.
  6. by   nrs2bme
    We have one large flag outside the house... used to have a sticker on the car but it eventually looked too torn up to leave on so I took it off. Now, I want to get a cling on for the inside. About the neighbors... I don't understand the four flags thing either... I think one is sufficient. Patriotism is not a contest, it something we should have felt before 9/11, and should feel year round. The flag is a tangible symbol of that...
    Just because someone doesn't have a flag does that make them unpatriotic?
  7. by   WashYaHands
    I have one cloth flag waving attached to my house. But, I've always had one there even before 9/11. I replace them when they get tattered. I grew up in a military family and my ex is active duty, so patriotism is a personal value. I've had a small American flag window cling on my car since 9/11.

  8. by   Rena RN 2003
    we have a large flag in front of the house. been there as long as we've lived here. since 9/11 we have had window clings in all our cars/trucks. dh drive a big rig and has 2 flags on the front light poles of the truck since 9/11.
  9. by   Mkue
    yes, outside the house, used to have one on our mailbox but it wouldn't stay.. i have one of those half circle flags hanging from our porch.
  10. by   renerian
    I have had an American flag on my house since I was a child, I am 45. After 9/11 I put one on my car as well.

  11. by   Mattigan
    Just 1- small garden flag and sometimes I change it for a seasonal/holiday decorative flag.
  12. by   GPatty
    We have an American flag magnet stuck on our mailbox. Can't get a flag to stay on our porch so it can wave in the breeze....the holders (brackets?) break every time! But we do have one of those porch geese and she's always dressed patriotic. My Mom sews and has made my goose tons of outfits! And she's got enough for a change a week for about 3 months.....
    I have a flag for my car, but it won't stay on when my windows are down, so it hasn't been on much lately.
  13. by   Mattigan
    I don't have a duck like Julie does but there is a big ole concrete pink pig on the porch that has petunias in it. Sometimes the pig is dressed up and in the Abe Lincoln outfit with the beard and the top hat and a small flag amoungst the petunias she looks really patriotic.
  14. by   CATHYW
    You betcha! We have a holographic reflective flag marker at the end of the driveway, and a handpainted, colonial-type wooden flag (about 12 x 16 in.) on a stake in the flowerbed closest to the road, a flag from the newspaper in the upstairs window, 5 3x5in sticker flags on my husband's truck and on our SUV, and two large inside window flags in the van.
    We are driving to FL this coming weekend, and I plan to fly one of the banner flags that attach to the window (like the football flags). My Daddy's 79th birthday is Sept. 11.:stone

    BTW, regarding your neighbor with the 4 flags-I don''t think anyone is measuring their prosperity in the number or size of flags they have. I think it is to reinforce our partriotism, among ourselves, and to make a LOUD statement to any foreign entity that would threaten us. All of those terrorists at one time resided in the US, and were someone's neighbor's and/or coworkers, and were likely treated nicely by the citizenry they planned to destroy. The flags are Phoenix-like, in that regard. You might knock us down, but watch out for me, my friends and neighbors, when I get back up! I am an AMERICAN!
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