"No Child Left Behind" article in Baton Rouge paper

  1. If you're interested in reading this article about how the "No Child Left Behind" act is affecting aides in the classrooms in Louisiana and other places go to http://theadvocate.com and on the right hand side of the first screen to come up you can click on the link.
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    this is an interesting article. i am all for higher education, but in this case, the big picture is, (1) some of these aides have been on the job 20 years or more (2) why not have new hired aides to have at least an associate degree. (3) it would be nice to know what were the qualification for aides to get the job in the begining.

    i know as a sub-teacher, one must have had some form of a formal education or degree in our state. i would like to hear others views on this subject.

    isn't this one of the "theme/goals" our now president ran his campaign on or am i thinking about another?
  4. by   2MagnoliaTrees
    I left my LPN job at a nursing home to be a Special Populations aide 17 plus years ago. To get the job I had to have a high school diploma and pass a California Achievement Test. I'm all for furthering aides' education but I'd like a realistic timeline to get the degree. Even going nights, Saturdays and summers many of the aides will not be able to have enough credits to get the degree. My pay as an aide is barely above poverty level. Thank God I also have my husband's income but some of the aides don't. Our parish is paying for it's aides to go to school but many places aren't. Hopefully people will realize how serious this situation is going to get. God Bless and remember to support those in education every chance you get.
  5. by   live4today
    Stephany.....I use to be a Sub-Teacher (Colorado), and the State of Colorado required at least a college degree to be one......don't know about the Teacher's Aides.

    I'm all for those who teach our children being required to have as much education as they can get.....not necessarily in MORE degrees......but certainly in more ongoing training.....much like nurses needing CEUs in most states in order to be relicensed.