"Let's WRITE A SONG - A big hit !! I'M SERIOUS!! !

  1. I was just telling Baglady how part of her post sounds like a country & western song.

    "ripping down the Interstate.... doin' 75"
    Memories of "Still Me" made me pull over for a cry....

    and then I come back here and find
    "I'm whispering when what I really want is to shout"

    Now, is that full of imagery or WHAT ???
    Is that woman lonesome, sad, satisfied.......or what??

    Now, do we have any buddies on this BB who can write some rhymes? some rhyming verses?

    I believe we could use some of these thread lines to create a real soulful-romantic- "bring'em to their knees" - melancholy-
    love song.

    Then, we will sell it and "cash in!"
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Sure can't be any worse than some of the lyrics I've heard on the country station my co-workers favor - something about
    "Daddy had a cardiac, Mama got a Cadillac" Had to hear that chorus a second time before I believed I'd heard it!
  4. by   JonRN
    "You tore out my heart and stomped that sucker flat"

  5. by   prn nurse
    oooooOH Pappy !!

    all I can say is "Eat your heart out George Strait!"

    We got our own phraser right cheer on Allnurses!

    I'm sure someone can set that to poetry...

    You shore do know how to turn a phrase....Pappy !