"I need suggestions on buying a laptop"

  1. I need some advice on what to ask for ....when I buy a laptop in the next two -three weeks. Any suggestions on the best brand, best whatever? What did you get, what do you wish you had, and what could you just as easily have done without?? Thanks for any ideas.......
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  3. by   Dplear
    get as large a P4 as you can get woth the most ram...you will not be sorry. Sony makes a model out there with a 15 inch active TFT screen and 30 gig hard drive with 256 K of ram and a 32 meg Video card, and 56k/ethernet adaptor. A DVD/CDRW drive. The system Is a P4 1.6 I believe. All this for about 2000 bucks or less.......not a bad system

  4. by   nursejws
    What will you be using the laptop for? The reason I ask, is that when I ordered my PC from Dell a few years ago, a friend of mine told me what to get, and I ended up with his "dream" machine and didn't need to spend all of that money. (Had I known) I got lucky and sold this to my brother this week for his office.

    I have a Compaq laptop now and it serves my purposes just fine. I'm not a game player, so I do not need a fancy video card, it has a CDrom drive, and I've got Office 2000 on it. What I'm saying is, it suits me for now. Of course hubby has his PC, which is what I'm on now. (he's got dsl, while i only have dial up)
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  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    from deep in the heart of Texas

    to quote " youre getting a Dell Dude"
  6. by   mopsi
    Gateway is what I bought....I went mid range in the selection..It is very fast,,,2100 dollars..ouch..But problem free..I upgraded my speakers from a local electronics store..and have a mouse pluged in...I find the little pad uncomfortable to use..I have a fax/scan/printer that I also bought seperately and use that occasionally..Good luck and happy shopping!
  7. by   Ted
    I second the "You're getting a Dell, Dude", although I've been happy with Gateway products too.

    Have fun shopping!

  8. by   MPHkatie
    Must be the only ibook owner here. A Mac for sure. It is great. Here's what I really like about my Mac laptop.

    1. I can burn CD's with it. (PC laptops prob. do this as well)

    2. I can play DVD's on it. I can burn DVD's with it- though I don't.(again, PC laptops prob. do this as well)

    3. It was designed to be beat up. I have taken my Mac to Africa and gotten sand and crud in it, and it still kept doing great. (yes I cleaned it real well most of the time).

    4. It is "resistant" to PC viruses- no worry about the KLEZ worm here.

    5. Mac sends free updates to mac users on software- so all my programs now run as well as if I bought the computer yesterday. (the PC guys do not do this)
    6. I have been able to easily convert my PC files over to Mac in seconds.

    6. I love the new ipod, but I will admit basically it is a credit card sized zip drive that plays music as well. However, it stores 5 gigabytes of info, and will be great for storing data overseas...

    JWS is right on, decide what you will be using the computer for- net surfing and email? DO you use a digital camera and take lots of photos? Do you like to download tunes? Will you be keeping lots of records on it? Decide what you want to do with it, then ask the sales guy exactly what you need. I would recommend going to a smaller shop- not a best buy, as you will get better sales and service (My sales guy answers all my emails about Mac questions- and to boot, he gave me some Okra from his garden last week)- but I guess you don't always get the best prices at the little guys.?

    Oh and the cost of the newest Apple- My Aunt just got it- about 1,250...in her rural/depressed area...

    OK, I have extolled the value of apple computers extensively, now I will shut my trap. Just know what you are going to use it for, and that will direct your purchase.