"How to keep internet providers & others from making charges on your charge card"

  1. I was reading my "Broadband" thread and someone wrote how even after cancelling AOL, they kept charging them on their charge card. This happened to me with AT&T, I had cancelled & moved to another state where there was no AT&T, and they STILL charged me for four more months. I wrote, called, complained , etc., out the yazoo, and NEVER got my refund.

    I called my credit card company to see if they couldn't do something in my behalf, but they said "no." Then, while I was whining about how I was a poor helpless victim, ....the credit card lady said, "Why don't you call and cancel this card and get a new one? " "??????""""......????""" She said, "call back and tell them you have lost, mislaid, washed it in the washing machine, whatever. Tell them you want this account cancelled and a new account #. If you tell them you lost it, you automatically get a new account #. It's no big deal, takes 2 minutes..Your internet provider company is not authorized to debit your NEW account number."" TA DA !!

    So, the minute you hang up the phone cancelling AOL or whoever, pick up the phone and call your credit card company and tell them you've lost your card.

    I have done this 3-4 times since....I always feel so cool outsmarting the greedy Bastar*S !
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    I LOVE it! Great idea!!
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