"HOT Salary War Taking Place at the Texas Medical Center???"

  1. I stole this from the Polls site. Thought it might get more feedback here. As a traveler, I'd be interested to hear how high the salaries are....I thought DFW was more desperate than Houston. I heard $44 / Hr for travelers. no bennys.

    Years ago, I traveled there and stayed....loved Anderson, Methodist, St. Luke's and Texas Childrens.....wouldn't mind it again if the carrot 's right.

    Anyone with the scoop?
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  3. by   renerian
    I have never traveled to Texas but now I am interested.......hmmmm. I will watch the responses.......

  4. by   prn nurse
    Anyone know?
  5. by   fedupnurse
    I live in NJ and many travelers or contracted agency are getting $50/hr. The non-contracted agency rates are anywhere from 35 to 45 an hour. Granted the cost of living is quite high being that we are sandwiched between Philly and NYC and by the beach... If any of you are interested in night shift in a combined MICU/CCU high acuity unit, pm me, I'll be happy to give you the contact info.
  6. by   prn nurse
    Where are you? Not in Newark are you ? I was told not to go to Newark for $100 an hour !! that bad !!

    How can nj have tags saying "Garden State?" and all I hear about it is , "Don't go to Newark.." It is referred to as the armpit -sewer pit , etc. etc. high crime, drugs, murders, car-jackings, out the kazoo................ Tell me your in a garden area on Chesapeake Bay............
  7. by   Ragin Cajun
    I was just in Newark Thurs. Thank God I only had a 4hr. lay-over there. I got help from no one at the airport. I'd NEVER live or work there.

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