"Got any info on radar detectors?"

  1. I'm going to be driving through the Great American Southwest this summer.....where you can drive a hundred miles and not see anything but mesas and arroyo's , barbed wire fences, tumbleweeds and cactus. I am planning on buying a radar detector, as I might want to open up the 'Bird and let her fly. Any of you use one and got any suggestions on the best kind to buy?
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  3. by   Tiiki
    Uno questione...are they legal?? Up here they aren't. Man you are fried if found with one in your car! You might wanna check that out.

    Have a safe trip!
  4. by   prn nurse
    Thanks, that's a good point. Yes, they are legal in my state. I guess I better check out the states I will be driving through to be sure they are legal....I have heard they are designed now where it is pretty hard for another vehicle to detect it in your car. And , of course the glass in my car is tinted so dark...barely legal, that detection would be difficult...i don't mind breaking the law "a little bit" , especially when it benefits me.........ha ha..
  5. by   l.rae
    Well, l'm not sure about radar detectors, but........I have a confession to make. I've been pulled over a few times for speeding, in the last couple of years its happened 3 times! twice, I was just sent on my merry way because of my scrubs....once they figured out I was a nurse they let me go with a "slow down" and a frown...One of the times l was ticketed, it was winter and my coat was on over my scrubs. Started me thinkin.....(that's always dangerous), what if I'm not on my way to work and get pulled over...how do youwork that into a conversation? Sooooo, now I hang my stethascope around my rearview mirror! Havn't been pulled over since then...but if I do???????who knows
    Hey l.rae - my MIL is a barber, and one time I was visiting her at work when she had this state trooper in her chair. It happened to be right after I got off work, so I had scrubs on. Long story short, they DO tend to let nurses go with warnings, I heard it right from the horse's mouth. They take care of us, so that if they ever end up in our care, we'll take care of them. I didn't have the heart to tell him HE was NEVER gonna be taken care of by ME unless a miracle of modern medicine occurred, but oh well...

    So you are not alone. I have an old stethescope that I don't care for, and it hangs around my rearview mirror. Just in case my lead foot gets the best of me when I'm not in uniform!

    So prn nurse, I guess you may not need a radar detector at all if you're willing to wear your scrubs!

  8. by   l.rae
    (quote from heather) he was never gonna be taken care of by me unless a miracle of modern medicine occurred, but oh well...

    er!" it was me:chuckle ......heather, we must be kindred spirits!...lr
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    Originally posted by l.rae
    I just smiled and said.."this must not be your lucky day either!"
    ROTFLMAO! You just described what should be one of those "priceless" commercials! Wish you could post a pick of that cops face!

  10. by   LasVegasRN
    PRN - I strongly suggest, while driving through the Southwest, to have these items checked/placed in your car. There are longggggg stretches of nothingness and no services and HEAT to deal with...

    - Gallon jug of water

    - Blanket

    - Flashlight (one of those big a$$ one's that takes "D" batteries)

    - If you don't have one already, the car charger for your cell phone, but remember some areas you may not get any reception. If you stop overnight, make SURE you cell is fully charged, in fact, charge it each night while your on the road. If your battery goes dead from the heat the car charger won't do any good.

    - Tire pressure! Lot's of blowouts from the heat.

    My apologies if you know all of this already, but when folks are driving through the desert these are crucial!
  11. by   meandragonbrett
    I know a girl that carries a bottle of water with her in her car for when she gets pulled over. When she's pulled over, she pours the water on herself and tells the cop she's on her way home to change clothes. It's worked EVERYTIME for her.

  12. by   kristi915
    Prn nurse, If you live near a Best Buy or Circuit City, then you should check those out. They have radars. My boyfriend has had his liscense for 3 years and gotten a ticket for every one! His mother baught him a radar after his second ticket and it has helped some, but they don't help so much when you're going up a hill, you meet a cop coming towards you and he whips that radar on the minute he sees your car! That was the third ticket!! OUCH!!

    There is also a website you could order from, they have very very good radars, I will look for it and reply back when I find out some more info.
  13. by   kristi915
    Forgot to mention something, the better ones are quite expensive, $250-$400
  14. by   kristi915

    The Phantom II Radar Jammer : Illegal in Ca. Ok. Mn. Va. Ne. Washington D.C.
    You may just want a detector:


    so far the best one: