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  1. This fits best under the off topic area I think, because it gets a bit sticky. I really need some good advice, however, so Please help me out....

    I'm planning on entering grad school in August 2003, and don't know where I'm going to be accepted yet. I am also planning on doing a three month trip before I go to school. Problem here is that I really am not enjoying my job, it isn't the people or anything but it has become so terribly stressful and I would like a change. I have an option to take another less stressful job which would be great to me, but in integrity, it seems unfair to accept a job that I would leave after 7 months.

    I am entirely confused about this and am wondering what you would do??
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  3. by   ptnurse
    I understand your integrity point. For me the new job would become stressful with this hanging over my head if I didn't say something. Can you mention in the job interview that you have applied to grad school but have not been accepted? You really can't make a final decision about grad school until you get accepted. My MIL works with a girl just out of school who told the boss in the interview that she would promise to stay in that job for a year, but no promises after that. He hired her anyway.