"As a Flower Blossoms" by Pat Metheny

  1. It's spring time. The grass is beginning to turn green. Leaf and flower buds are blossoming on trees and plants. The cold of winter is finished as the spring ushers in warm air. Spring is my favorite time of year.

    This short tune, "As a Flower Blossoms" is by jazz-guitarist, Pat Metheny. You can find it and other wonderful music by him on his album, "Secret Story" which came out in the early 1990s (around 1993, I believe). This is a short piece. It's a simple arrangement. Listen carefully and you hear the sound of children playing in the background. Listen to the end of the piece and you'll hear a young voice quietly singing the melody which brilliantly adds a layer of innocence to the music.

    The pictorial portion of the video was created by some unknown photo-artist from some a country I do not know. The name of this person is in a language that I do not recognize. What is recognizable is that this person did a wonderful job interpreting the music with his or her photos. These series of photos "tell" a story that is thought-provoking in their own right. The music and the photos seem to compliment each other in an artful way.

    It is my hope that this video, both music and photos, will bring to the viewer a sense of Peace. It is my belief that we all need that sense of Peace but often neglect it in our busy lives. The video is short, but it is lovely. Enjoy.

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  3. by   herring_RN
    Thank you. it is lovely!
  4. by   toomuchbaloney
    Pat Metheny, one of my favorites!
  5. by   Ted
    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Pat Metheny, one of my favorites!
    He's one of my favorite jazz musicians, too! He writes beautiful melodies and surrounds them with gorgeous arrangements. He certainly has the chops as a jazz-guitarist improviser. My only wish is that he would be a bit more adventurous with some of his guitar solos. They tend to be "inside" the chord structure which is nice because the chords that he uses for most of his tunes tend to be rich-sounding. But it would be nice if he broke out of "nice" sometimes and travel outside the chord-structure(s) during his improvisations. I know that he has the chops to do so! Oh well. It still all sounds lovely, though, and his "sound" has done him well as evidenced by the Grammy Awards won! LOL!

    But this tune?? "As the Flower Blossoms"??? It's one of his least well-known pieces. But it's so gorgeous in its (relative) simplicity. I wish it to become more well-known, which is part of the reason why I'm sharing it.

    I love hearing the sound of children playing in the middle of the tune. It's way in the background; it's very subtle. But it (deliberately) comes in during some lovely chord changes. Brilliant! Also, found towards the end of the piece is the young voice singing the melody which is perfectly placed in the arrangement. At least for me, it adds a layer of innocence that can be felt as the music finishes. Again, this young voice softly singing the melody is placed in the background; again, it is subtle in intent. Again, it's all makes for a brilliant composition. It all makes for a heart-warming picture for the ears to hear and the mind's eye to see.

    How's that for a little music analysis! LOL!

    What matters, though, is that people find a moment of peace while listening to it. I believe that this is what Pat Metheny intended when writing this particular piece. It's the kind of peace found when one sees a favorite flower blossom for the first time during the warming months of spring. The full title of this jazz-composition is titled, "As a Flower Blossoms (I am running to you)". This short but wonderfully sweet tune conveys the kind of peace that is found as a young child runs to his or her loving parent and is greeted by the warmth of an accepting hug.