"Apology Note Generator"

  1. Check out:

    Mark's Apology Note Generator

    Great place to get ideas for writing that apology note to your loved one or needing a laugh!

    PS: found that from links to personal nursing webites Brian has collected at:

    Found it at---has some other cool sites listed too:
    Gerry's Home Away from Home
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  3. by   Robin61970
    There ya go Wendy! LOL
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    LOL, I sent this to my favorite bad bad man.
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    heeheee!! tooo cute~
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    I'm savin this Karen thanks!:roll
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    Yoo HOO Wendy! There you go girl!!! LOL
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    :roll OMG!!! I love the new avatar!!! Where in the world did you FIND that? I just about spit my coke all over my monitor!!! :chuckle
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    Kayceeeee.......don't whistle whatever ya do.