"A Deep and Dark December" 28th, 2013

  1. That's how Simon & Garfunkel referred to this time of year in the Song "I Am a Rock".

    Leonard Cohen also referred to this time in his Song "Famous Blue Raincoat": "It's four in the morning, the end of December..."

    Perhaps this Time of the Year is Utilized by the Poets because of the Thoughts and Emotions Evoked. Christmas is over, the New Year has not yet begun, so these are Days of Reflection and Anticipation.

    I guess "Deep and Dark" could easily be taken as being Depressing, as we are Deeply in the Dark of the Winter Solstice.

    But Hey- there's always the Thermostat and the Light Switch! That's Something Positive!

    As I understand, Sabby has had Positive Results with Joey. Good for you both!

    Here's Hoping Everyone's "Deep and Dark December" is a Positive Time of Reflection and Anticipation!
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    Now I've got that Simon and Garfunkel song running through my head.

    I went to bed early in case of a hospice call and started to fall asleep when Spidey came in to say goodnight and woke me up. Well, that's that. Can't fall back to sleep so came out and found my eldest son in the basement doing his family's laundry and going through stuff - looking for his books and other things. We've got rooms and rooms of STUFF.

    So, I sit here picking out the cashews from the mixed nuts we got for Christmas from my inlaws and sipping on cow's milk so maybe I'll get sleepy again.

    My granddaughter spent most of the evening on my lap - she fills me with joy so I have no deep and dark issues right now. The only blue cloud on the horizon is they are leaving tomorrow for home.

    I was glad to read about Sabby and Joey's day - hoping she is getting some sleep right now.

    I hear my granddaughter crying so think I'll head out of the kitchen and offer my aide for my daughter-in-law.

    See you all in the morning for coffee - hoping I don't get any hospice calls.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Davey Do, nice of you to start off this thread on a light manner.

    Steph - Hope the new granddaughter keeps the "deep and dark" away for a long time.

    I'm at work. My one patient is safely sleeping with his heart a-beatin'. Only 2 1/2 hours left for this shift then it's the beginning of three nights off from work. Amy and I are going to a friend's house for a Holiday Party. Should be good company and good food. I'm working on a video of sorts for my father that features lots of pictures taken during his 80th Birthday Party which was celebrated this fall. To be honest, I forgot that I had all of these pictures! Well, they're re-found and it should be fun putting it all together with some original music to give to him as a belated Christmas present. Sunday afternoon, Amy and I plan to got out on a date: a "dinner and a movie" kind of date. That should be nice. While out, we'll be returning/exchanging ALL of the clothes that I gave her for Christmas. None fit her, unfortunately. I thought I got the correct size, and normally it would be her correct size (medium). But the clothes are too tight, especially around the arms (of all places). I purchased them from JC Penny. Someone mentioned to her that they also had to return clothes to that outlet store because they didn't fit. That'll be the last time that I purchase clothes from JC Penny.

    Sabby_NC - Hope the Hubby is recovering well. Hope all who travel here have a pleasant day that's light and carefree.

  5. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Davey, Stephanie, Ted and all who pop in,

    Thanks Davey for starting us off today and I too have Simon and Garfunkle going through my head but I so loved their songs. la la la la

    Stephanie snuggle with wee H for as long as you can, draw in her smells and wiggles, I am sure this will be bitter sweet to see them all head back home. Hugs to you.

    Ted that is a bit of a bummer about the clothes you bought for Amy, that is upsetting and I agree no point buying clothes that are the right size but yet way too small. Have a lovely date.

    I sit here because some ninny (me) forgot to turn the alarm off that was set for 4am to get us moving to the hospital yesterday. Oh well I can be such a dufus at times. LOL

    So excited that I can bring hubby home today and spoil him, he has been through more than enough with his irregular rhythm, I pray with all of my heart he is still in SR today.

    Dogs are sad, they do not understand why we both left out yesterday but only I came home, Banjo is almost depressed and keeps going to the door looking for him.

    Well at least I got home and got all the house work taken care of, good way to burn off some energy and worry that had built up during yesterday. While sitting down in the hospital I read two books and also managed to write another article for Ehospice but have to buff it up a little.

    This weekend will be spent caring for hubby and ensure he is comfortable, I know he will be tired sleeping off over 6 hours of anesthesia. While he rests I will make another crockpot full of turkey soup. YUM.

    Hope you are all doing well this day although it is frigid outside, plan to run by the grocery store soon enough so I can have that out of the way so no more going out other than cleaning up the yard for the dog and chasing them around.

    Much love to you all and thank you so much for your concern for my sweet hubby.
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all you early risers, night workers, and insomniacs.
    I have not stopped by in a while. Glad to hear Joey got his treatment done. One more thing to leave behind in 2013.
    I have been busy with driving my neighbor to all her appointments. I did some baking for Christmas and still have a few leftover whole wheat rolls and 2 slices of cheese cake. That cheese cake was one of my finest. Made with real maple syrup and tons of love. Good thing I don't make those very often. Everyone in the family would be out buying larger sizes. Ted, we do know that sizing has changed over the years. Amy is beautiful, and I suspect has not gotten any larger. It really is the sizing.

    Chatted with my DSis for a long time last night. I always feel better after chatting with her. She understands grief better than anyone I know. She has never taken any education in that direction, as fa as I know. She is so intuitive. She knew yesterday would be a difficult day for me and called. I never really thought of S&G when I go through this time of year. I am more of a Pink Floyd kind of person, Breathe the Air.

    I have a few bills to pay before the end of the year. No other big plans yet. So best get the dog out, the coffee going, and kick back. Prayers for all those who are still without electricity. Fingers crossed that the next storm will miss these people who are so cold.
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Sabby glad to hear that Joey is coming home, hope he stays in NSR.

    Morning Davey steph Ted AKY

    Another busy day at work, though not too bad. Was still pretty worn out. Had a drink with some coworkers after work, was nice, kind of sad that I'll have to say goodbye to them at some point in the near future.

    Fairly warm here today, talked with dad and we'll get together tomorrow. We both want to take advantage of the warmer weather and be outside. I'm hoping the snow has completely melted so I can ride my bike a bit.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all. On my second cup of coffee.

    My son decided to postpone going home in order to go out to the woods today and help get firewood. Lots of cousins going along too.

    Ted - while we were Christmas shopping my husband asked why we couldn't buy clothing for presents?? #1 - we don't have the same taste as the person we buy for. #2 - you simply MUST try things on first before purchasing. No store has sizing that is completely correct. It has all changed and the sizes between manufacturers isn't the same either. It isn't JC Penney. It is the folks who make the clothes. Penney's doesn't make the clothes or size them. I've pleaded with my husband NOT to buy me clothes. He has different taste than me and he'll buy the wrong size. Too much trouble.

    No hospice calls - so far.

    Sabby - glad to read over on FB that your hubby is home.

    aky - nice to hear from you.

    Hey Joe!

    I hear a baby . . . . gotta go!
  9. by   Sabby_NC
    Yes hubby is home and tucked up in bed sound asleep. God is so good.

    I have all the veggies cut for my turkey soup, carcass is bubbling away on the stove, will cool it down then add turkey meat and liquid to the crock pot and let the thing cook all day. I am drooling just over the thought of some nice warm soup.

    Enjoy the baby Stephanie for as long as you can.
  10. by   Davey Do
    Okay. It truly is my Morning, as I wake up for my MN Shift with my Cup of Coffee...

    Good to hear from All.

    Last Night I worked on the Blue Funk, my Antique '51 Chevy Pickup. I currently can't get the Engine to start, even though it's getting Spark and Gas. I'll keep Plugging Away at it until I get it Started or Someone with More Experience and/or Knowledge Steps In and does The Job for Me.

    I put the Head Liner in the Cab last night and installed the Sun Visors. Progress is Progress. I'm using a lot of Parts from the Wrecked '51 Cab for the '53 Replacement Cab. The Parts are Interchangeable, but sometimes require Some Coaxing to get them to go On.

    The Ambiance is Great. I have the Original (So to Speak) Dash Speakers hooked up to a small CD Player. As I sat in the Cab working, I listened to the 2 CD set, "The Roots of Rock N Roll".

    Thanks for allowing me to share my Morning with you.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Still working on the Blue Funk eh? Sounds like fun . . especially to rock and roll.

    My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are on their way home now. It was tough to say goodbye. I did hold my granddaughter for the last couple of hours before she left.

    Got called out for a hospice death - just got back. House was full of people and this is the first time a family member has gone on Facebook to announce the death after I pronounced.

    The dogs are barking up a storm in the basement . . . better go check.

    Then I'm headed to bed early. One of the family members said "you look tired". I feel tired too