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  1. Got a Question. Kid is in Newark to go out in AM to Miami for cruise to start on Saturday. Calls, tells me she has the wrong birth certificate, its the one with the gold seal from the hospital, needs the official one from the state. Any experiences with either FedEx early next AM or UPS next day by noon? She is staying at motel in Miami till cruise leaves Sat, so I do have a mailing address. Carnival states they will not let her on ship without proper birth certificate. Can't even Fax them as not supposed to use a copy and not legal to copy . Any suggestions?
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  3. by   JJFROG
    I have had good experiences with Fed Ex. I have used them 3 times for various reasons and always had good luck. One time they even found me in the middle of Montana!
  4. by   anitame
    I used the UPS next day by noon the other day. The item got there about 10am. Kinda spendy though.
  5. by   Reabock
    She doesn't care about the big bucks, figures it will be between $26-$46 . I gave her the one she asked for, so its not my fault, this time, you know, it's always the mom's fault. This is her 4th cruise, so you'd think we'd get it right. (she's 22)
  6. by   RN2BeIn2005
    usps overnight and fedex work hand-in-hand, in many areas. fedex contracts with usps for delivery.
    overnight guarentees delivery and usually is only approx. $14-16, depending on weight of package.
    good luck
  7. by   colleen10
    I've always found Fed Ex and UPS to be pretty reliable.

    I wouldn't use Airborne because their times run later than Fed Ex and UPS, ie. if it is Express Overnight via Fed Ex it should get there by 10:00AM, however, if you used Express Overnight with Airborne it wouldn't have to get their til noon.

    Having traveled a lot for work and working trade shows where I was overnighting stuff to hotels, etc. I would say she should be more worried about the hotel staff loosing it before Fed Ex or UPS does.

    Make sure you keep the tracking number so that she can find out exactly when it arrived and who signed for it. I can't tell you how many times hotels said that something didn't arrive when all the while it was sitting right in front of them.
  8. by   colleen10
    PS, my dad works for FedEx and RN2Be is right. The United States Postal Service contracts a lot of their over night stuff to Fed Ex to transport.
  9. by   Reabock
    Its sent, UPS overnite, Saturday delivery by 9 AM guarantee, cost more than $46 too!! She'll be working a few hours at Pizza Hut to pay me back for that one! I'll tell her to camp out in the lobby after they get up and wait for the UPS man/woman. If it doesn't get there in time, she cannot get her money back from the cruise line so will go stay with the other girls grandmother that lives about an hour away, while the friend goes alone
    At least they have a backup plan, hope they notify the grandmother in advance And I told her not to let them load her suitcase or at least to raise a ruckus to get it back if it is already on and she can't go!!! Told her to cross her fingers, toes and start praying that thing gets there in time and we are seeing about getting a copy and a new passport when she gets home.
    They have cell phone and can track the number on their end, as I will be doing here. Forgot it was Friday the 13th till this happened.