(heaving sigh)..I am in LOOOOOVvve...

  1. oh.my.word....went to for the first time today...took my mom and the older 2 boys...we had a blast...i could've spent hours in there...oh. wait..we did...time flew...they have the most awesome SHtuff...most prices are either comparible or better than Wallie-World and the selction and quality looks to be better...
    in the words of a wise 12 yr old.."It's like Walmart...times like 7!!!"
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    You've never been to a Target?

    I've been there 3 times this week! I love Target! They had these cool turtle neck sweaters on sale last week half off! Only $9.99! I bought about 7 of them in all different colors!

    (a couple of them are still in the trunk though - have to introduce them slowly...)

  4. by   JJFROG
    Target is like my Mother Ship. I was there 3 times today!!!
  5. by   aus nurse
    Sunny is Target new to you over there?
  6. by   javamom
    :chuckle Heather! Still in the trunk......
    I need to take my quad-weekly trip there too! I didn't even see the turtle necks!

    Target ROCKS! And those of us in Toledo, we're STILL waiting on a darn Walmart! *sigh* I miss Walmart, big time!
    Originally posted by StaceyS
    And those of us in Toledo, we're STILL waiting on a darn Walmart! *sigh* I miss Walmart, big time!
    They're building it as we speak Stacey! I hear it's supposed to be open by Spring!

  8. by   sunnygirl272
    the target in our area just opened within the past month or 2...and today was my first time..i am no longer a "target-virgin"...
  9. by   Robin61970
    I want a Target!!!!! All we have are Frickin Wal-marts and 1 K-mart thats about to be shut down.......
  10. by   legsmalone
    Long live Target!!
    That place is great for poor college students, I can keep clothes on my back without going broke.
    Heather, now I am going to have to go look for those turtlenecks, it's starting to get chilly here....
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    ..i am no longer a "target-virgin"...
    Give it a month... you'll be a Target whore.

  12. by   aus nurse
    Ah I have Target, KMart, Big W, Myer, David Jones and Grace Brothers all in close promixity.

    Shame work interrupts my shopping!
  13. by   Lausana
    I love Target-I was at 2 different ones 2x on Sunday, I thought hey, why not I'm getting paid this week and had to go back! Now if only we could get a Target Supercenter.
  14. by   vashka25
    i miss target ........................

    we don't have them up here....... moving to the us just so i can be near a target again.. *sigh*