"contagious shooting"

  1. "contagious shooting"
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    Amadou Diallo
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    Furious crowd demands answers from NYPD - CNN.com
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  3. by   sanctuary
    So very sad.
    Wonder if we will ever know the truth? One eyewitness said that the cop car drove into him, he backed up, and they followed, pinning his car. The "ramming" was on the NYPD's part.
    Will we ever get over our amigdalian response???
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    I agree. The other night a neighbor's young son had a seizure (chronic condition)...I saw the ambulance that had about 3 EMT's, and then a fire-truck that came and had about 5 guys with them.

    I just think that is a waste of resources. There was no reason for the firetruck to go out on a med-call, regardless of their training. Guess what i saw? 3 guys sitting up front that stayed in the vehicle the entire time, and the other two sitting outside the house chatting with an EMT that didn't have anything to do.

    Now I know where the money is getting wasted.