-Check out these Bin Laden SONGS and PICTURES!!!

  1. HELLO NURSES!!!!!

    Go to


    U will luv IT!!!!!

    Tell me what you think????
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  3. by   essarge
    OMG!!! Still ROFLMAO!!! Pass me a tissue will you please!! LOL!!
  4. by   nur20
    ROFLMAO!!!!! Thanks,I sent it to many people.........By the way, have you seen the BINLADEN toilet tissue? A WAY TO WIPE OUT TERRORISM !!!!!
  5. by   StaceRacer1
    The toilet paper was very appropriate!!!
    I bet it hurts when you wipe!!!
  6. by   hoolahan
    LOVE the picture of the dog!! Check out the funny pic section!!
  7. by   StaceRacer1
    CHECK out this site as well!!!!!!!!!!


  8. by   StaceRacer1

    Check this new song out.
    It's definatley a little different than the first and may cause some controversey, as well.

  9. by   StaceRacer1

    Anyone else know any sites for jokes like these????
    If so, please tell me. Some of these have been a little corny.

  10. by   misti_z
    Stace, we must get the same emailnotifications from gotlaughs!!

    These things are hiliarous!
  11. by   StaceRacer1
    Calling all girls and boys!!!

    Check out


    Love it

    Esp. Velma!!!