$^&$^%& major vent about a crappy night

  1. so i get to the hospital yesterday at...2:45 pm. fully intending to park my car and walk in. "Lot is full" signs were up in EVERY SINGLE PARKING LOT. time...2:53pm. so i go to the parkign garage. the entire FREAKING garage is full. all 6 levels. time? 3:05. attempt to leave garage, throw the ticket at the lady and say "i'm late for work, the lots are full, you NEED to tell me where to park!!" she says...well normally you'd go to lot 5. (lot 5? Lot 5?? WTF is lot 5? i was already at lots 1-864?) i say okay, where is that? well it's right around here. but don't bother. it's full" ARRGHHH!!!!!! WHERE IS IT NOT FULL!?>?!>???!! at the end of this asinine conversation i end up parking across the street in the dental center parking lot. but not before my cell phone rings at 3:20. "hey are you coming to work?" "Well yes i thought i might, but i need somewhere to put my car!" thankfully many people were having problmes with this so it was understood. after i swipe in at 3:30..... i find that the girls i work with had wrote out my assignment for me and were holding listening to the tape for report. (GOD i love them. ) i totally wish that was the end of my crappy night. oh no, it was just beginning. i get report that a little sickle cell girly on my assignment was to get 315cc's of PRBC's. no big deal. nurse leaving says, i'm just waiting for it to come up. ok. so it comes up. i get it set up and go into the room. the kid doesn't have a fargin IV!!!!!!!!!!!!! um. was i supposed to give this kid the blood to drink? thanks, day shift. i love you. so i track down the nurse that gave her to me (she was doing a 7-7) umm hey....what happened to that IV i put in last night? oh it infiltrated this morning abuot 9. oh ok. so you knew she was getting blood today and left the iv out anyway. since 9am. ok. JUST WONDERED. so i put an IV in. (not an easy process in a screaming child alreayd miseralbe cause of SCC.). go to do my baseline vitals before the blood. temp of 39.7. fan freaking tastic. end up fighting with the residents about weather or not to start the blood. he says give her tylenol and start it, she needed it hours ago. wait, what? hours ago? so i check the order. written at 11AM. it was now 5PM. she left the blood for me to do for 6 freaking hours. just because i'm young and new don't f*ck with me like this!!! it's not fair to the kid, first of all!!!! to make a long story not quite at long, kiddo had to get poked again for cultures...managed a TMax of 40.2, residents wanted me to turn the blood off for an hour then restart it (yeah no, sorry, you want it to go in over 4 hours, i can't leave the blood out for 5 hours...it does expire)....girly dropped her sats to 76 an hour after the transfusion....and the whole time the nurse that had her on days was sitting at the desk complaining about what a rough day it was. Vegas, let me hold your purse.
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    Hands you my suitcase, its full I have yet to upack it for my upcoming assignment "Where ever that may be", still sitting in cali with my thumb up my azz. Im thinking you can now have a parking space with that Nurse that didnt do crap of the orders at 11am. Did they have to hunt the blood down or was the phone so shoved up her head that she just couldnt manage getting off that behind of hers to do it. The IV is a big issue with me. I hate walking in to do something and the patient or family tells you its been out all day but Yet they flushes are signed off.... Hmm refreshing saline mouthwash? Swish ad swallow????
    Sorry you had a crappy night, Park ya car up her behind maybe then she will move it. May you drive a lincoln continental from the 70's, Im sure there will be space to put it there.
  4. by   WalMart_ADN
    i'm giving her credit in that i'm sure the transfusion wouldn't have been completed by the time i came, esp. cause they wanted it to go in over 4 hours. however. it would have been nice had it of been started. i really do'nt think it took 5 hours for blood bank to send it up to us. esp. when it was marked stat.
  5. by   Lausana
    <--- Let it out girl :kiss
  6. by   Stargazer
    Wow, that is infuriating. No IV and no transfusion? I'd be tempted to write her ass up. Or at least corner her in the linen closet and threaten her with bodily harm if she ever did that again.
    I vote for Stargazers advice
  8. by   sunnygirl272
    write the bee-yatch up..no excuse.
  9. by   sunnygirl272
    and...umm...dood...when did day shift do her last temp? what was it? did they bother to do the cultures?
    write that up too.
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    I vote for Stargazers advice
    Me too. Seriously. Remember how we feel about people we give advice to and they don't take it?

    She failed my test 3 times. Not giving the blood I could have overlooked (even though it was written STAT) if all other things were in place and ready to go. Sometimes getting an IV started and controling a fever and playing phone tag with docs does take 5 hours. But she didn't get the IV started, and left that oh so important piece of info out of report, along with the temp. What a bugger!

    And why was she giving up a patient that was already hers if she was staying until 7pm anyways? THAT was your first hint.

  11. by   sunnygirl272
    [font=courier]ok..where'd the little farger go? she gets us all riled up, all packing the posse up.....thennnnnnnnnnn she dis-a-ma-pears...damm kids...

    so whatdya think? she either:

    A) went and cracked open a cold one
    B) went back to the hospital and wrote that chickie up!!
  12. by   Lausana
    Hmm I say both...maybe she cracked open a can of Kristy's Wup Azz and took it along.
  13. by   Stargazer
    She worked last night, right? She's probably sleepin'!
  14. by   fab4fan
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    And why was she giving up a patient that was already hers if she was staying until 7pm anyways? THAT was your first hint.

    I was wondering the same thing. I've seen people fart around with getting blood started b/c they didn't want to deal with it. I just can't do that...not saying I'm perfect, but my guilty conscience would go into overdrive.

    If she did that to me, we'd be having a linen closet conference right now, and sharp implements of torture might be used.