***Allnurses Las Vegas Get together September 13th, 2003 1-4 PM @ Riveria Hotel***

  1. OK,
    September will be here before we know it and if anyone is interested in going on the weekend of the 12th through the 14th we have some solid info for you.

    The Riveria is a decent hotel (though I've never stayed there) and they have some pretty good rates.
    It is on the strip and close to shows and other casinos.

    The room rate is 83.00 + 9% room tax.
    You can bring that rate down however by joining the "players club".
    If you are a member of the players club the room rate goes down to $59.95 + 9% RM tax +$3.00 Energy charge =$67.58 per
    night. (double occupancy) Get either two Doubles or 1 King

    The room rate can decrease even more if you play in their casino.
    They have a formula which is a bit complicated but they will let you in on it when you call.
    I'm not going to worry about it as the $67.00 a night is good enough for me.
    They also have meeting space available for us to get together and gab or eat or both.
    There is a couple of options.

    Option A:
    Can have meeting room for ~ twenty persons set up with banquet tables and chairs on Sept 13th 12N-5PM
    Cost = $150.00 just for space. Sent banquet menu---seems like to get a meal cheapest would be about $16.50/person, minimum
    of twenty person's + $50.00 serving fee.

    Option B:
    Private Dining Room
    Reserve Private Dining Room at Italian Restaurant for 4 hours. Meal costs $22-$25.00+ beverage, can have everyone pay separately.

    I am thinking that option B is the most cost effecient and we can mingle after eating and decide if we want to go to another bar and REALLY get loaded.

    Phone numbers:
    Riveria reservations:800-426-4063

    Players club: 800-437-7951.

    They will also send discounts on shows and other Vegas stuff.
    If you are interested in meeting and getting away from it all for a weekend. Let me know.
    We can make this work!
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  3. by   aimeee
    Wish I could meet you all. *Sigh* I'll be with you in spirit though.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sent in my reservation Russell -- hubby trying to get off too!
    Haven't been to Vegas since 85 (before kids) so planning on 5 day getaway. Looking forward to meeting allnurses members.
  5. by   RNIAM
    Do you have to be a nurse or can a student nurse come. My husband has been itching to do some gambling, so we might be interested.
  6. by   Botched
    I am there. Can't wait!!!
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Open invitation to all nurses, students, and those interested in nursing to attend!

    Rusty will allow wax removal demonstration on himself -----so should be a wild time
  8. by   MelRN13
    I will check my schedule this weekend and see, because I would love to come!
  9. by   nightingale
    I am ready to make reservations. I can go via GreyHound for $ 88.00 round trip with advance of one week. I can do the "red-eye" with departure at midnight returning home and arriving mid morning.

    So far, who is definitely going? Russ and Karen (wish Amy were going too!) Count me in.. I need the break.

    I told my new boss I was taking a l-o-n-g weekend that weekend. I will bring my massage lotion (teehee)...
  10. by   azgirl
    It's my birthday on the 13th. Sounds like a good plan. I'll try to get there.
  11. by   angelbear
    I would so love to come but it just isnt going to happen this yr. I hope ya all make this an annual thing. I would love to be a part of things. So please make it a yrly thing. Next yr my hubby and I will have been married 20 yrs and we have never gone anywhere it would be so cool. Just wanted to give my input.
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Have fun ya'll--

    IF you ever decide on Seattle/Portland/SF as a meeting place, I am there. I can't do Vegas. Play a few slots and gamble and eat for me!
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    I just found out that a bike rally is in Vegas that same weekend.
  14. by   nightingale
    oh my Russ! What timing... all that leather and crome in one little town!

    Last year, we stopped in to look @ Sturgeus, SD last year (sans bikers); we did see the ever famous pig who walks on a leash!