1. No other profession exposes the skin to so many toxic chemicals as nursing. Our skin is exposed to medical gases, radiation and body secretions to name a few. Despite the use of personal protective devices and meticulous hand washing, our skin, the body's first line of defense is continually compromised.

    This is compounded by the many stressors of nursing. Being constantly stressed, skipping breaks and lunch, 12 hour shifts, an inability to mentally separate from work on days off, problem sleeping and lack of hydration all stressors that negatively impact the skin.

    Let's face it, the skin reflects what goes on inside. Yet most of us nurses pay little attention to personal skin care. Do you have a daily, weekly and monthly skincare routine? If you do, please share it with us.

    Corinthia Loblack, MSN, NP-C, CHC, FS
    Aesthetic Nurse Specialist/Weightloss Coach
    Wellness Consultant
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