Scared for hubby.......

  1. .....took him to the ER today per our PCP's instructions due to repeated bouts of N/V and right upper back pain---classic gallbladder symptoms. Turns out he does have cholecystitis, but that's not his primary concern: he also has unspecified "tumors" on his liver, and Lord knows what kind they are.

    He's going in for a contrast CT tonight and probable surgery tomorrow. To say the least, I am terrified and I'm asking for your prayers and good thoughts for him.

    He's been so healthy all his life.......he has the lab work and blood pressure of a teenager, hardly takes any medications, exercises every day, etc. He started losing weight a few months ago, nothing particularly concerning given the fact that he was considerably overweight and neither of us eats the way we used to. But in light of today's events, it may have been a warning, and it just kills me to think I may have missed something that should've been caught sooner!!!

    Thank you in advance for your help. I'll keep you posted.
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  3. by   herring_RN
    You, your husband, and family are in my prayers.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Prayers for you and yours. Stay in today. Woulda, coulda, shoulda will just upset you more. You are there for him now, when he needs you. Keep us posted.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    We'll be praying for both of you at our house, plus I just added you to our church's prayer chain. Hope Episcopal prayers are OK!
    I have two priests and two deacons praying overtime as the witty one likes to say!

    Don't think scary thoughts. Just trust in God and He'll watch over you and your beloved husband in the days and nights ahead. Hugs.
    I wish I were close enough to be of some practical help.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Thinking of you both today. Please keep us posted.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    In my prayers as well. Let me know if you need a shoulder kiddo. I'm off this weekend.
  8. by   TopazLover
    Prayers continue.
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    It's cancer, and it's in his pancreas as well as his liver. We don't know where the primary tumor is located, but it's clearly metastasized from one organ to the other and it is inoperable. His gallbladder is a problem too, but it's a spit in the ocean.......if they open him up to remove the GB, it's over.

    So it looks like chemo and/or radiation is in his future, and they're going to do a needle bx soon for staging purposes. I can't pay for any of this.........we have no health insurance......but at this point the only thing I fear, besides losing him, is pain. I don't want him to suffer, and I don't want him to think he has to fight and go through hell because of me.

    This is easily the worst day of our lives, and I know it's only the beginning. My kids are devastated.......they're only young adults, and this is going to be almost as hard for them as it is for me. Their big, strong Dad who never got sick, who never complained when he got hurt.....CANCER??!! Doctor, you must be joking.

    It's also a time when I wish I wasn't a nurse who knows how bad these cancers are, and how lousy the prognosis is, just because so many other major organs are close by. I'm in shock. And all I can think of is: why him?? Why not me?
  10. by   tntrn
    Honestly, there are no good words that will change anything.....but we are behind you, beside you, and will make a path for you.
  11. by   Sabby_NC
    I am so very sad to read your update and offer you my love and prayers.
    Words cannot take away from what you are feeling at this point in time.
    This will be a very emotional rollercoaster time for you, your husband and your children.
    Sending you many prayers, hugs and love.
    I wish I could do more but praying is the best that I can do and I know the Lord will have his hand in this too.
    God Bless you all at this sad confusing time.
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    It's pancreatic Ca with mets to the liver. Just about as bad as it could be. I'm speechless.
  13. by   TheCommuter
    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you, your husband and the entire family. Based on your previous posts, I know that this man has been your biggest supporter and source of unconditional love for the past 30+ years.

    We'll all be pulling for him. He seems like a great guy.
  14. by   BCgradnurse
    Sending prayers, strength, and love your way.

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