Not nursing but...private pre-k/kinder?

  1. Ok, so not nursing school related, but since many who post here seem to have school age children, I thought I would give it a shot!

    Not to start a whole public vs. private school debate, but does anyone here have any experience with putting their child through private pre-k/kindergarten? My son will be 5 in October, so misses the deadine for public kindergarten by a month. I can either put him in a full time daycare, or enroll him in a private school. I had him in daycare full time when he was 3, and while he was adequately cared for, I was dissappointed in the experience and felt like "I'm paying for this?!?" I admit, this has skewed my view on daycares in general (since this particular place had nothing terrible wrong, just things I could see being a problem at any daycare.) I keep thinking that for a "little" more a month, I can put him in a private school that has more structure and variety in his day and possibly prepare him better for kindergarten or first grade. So, my issue really is " are private pre-k/kindergartens worth the additional cost over normal daycares?"

    I should note, I have toured several private schools and found one I really like, so I'm not basing my judgement on a pre-concieved notion of what I think the school will be like. Besides the daycare I had my son in, I have also looked into other daycares in my area, and none of them stood out as significantly better than the first. I'm just interested in hearing if anyone else found their private school experience to be a good one or not. TIA!!!experience??
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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  4. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm not a fan of daycare at all. Or pre-school.

    I also didn't put my kids in Kindergarten until they were nearer to 6. Especially my boys. Boys need some time to idle down a bit. I tend to think that many of the boys painted with the ADD/ADHD label are just normal boys who must simply be on the move!

    And Kindergarten is not like it used to be - kids are expected to know so much prior to getting there AND they have to sit and do a lot of worksheets.

    I'm a huge believer in learning by play. Especially when kids are younger.

    If you have to work, I'd pay the extra for a good private school!

  5. by   ElvishDNP
    I've put my son in a private pre-school (he just finished his 3rd year). It started out as 1) a break for me; and 2) socialization with other kids for him, as he's an only child. He did so well, and loved it so much, that I just kept on with it. He'll be in his second year of pre-K in Fall 2009. This preschool has been worth every penny I've paid for it; he's made friends, his teachers love him, and he's learned to play well with others.

    He won't actually start kindergarten til he's almost 6, which I am glad for. I'd rather him be one of the older ones.

    It totally depends on the preschool though. There are good and bad, as everywhere. My son does not go to the most expensive one, but in my opinion, it is the best one around. (As an aside - I hated putting my kid in daycare. I completely sympathize w/ you on that. My current job allows me to be home M-F with him, so his pre-K is 3 mornings a week, M/W/F 0830-1200.)