Keratin Treatment for hair

  1. Have you tried this? Do you love it?
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    Quote from Vtachy1
    Have you tried this? Do you love it?
    I love the way my hair looks after a treatment, but i don't love the formaldehyde. The salon I go to uses a relatively low formaldehyde formula, but it's still in there. If only my hair didn't look so good after a treatment...sigh..
  4. by   SHGR
    Two of my curly girl friends tried the OTC version and their hair looked amazing- healthy, shiny.

    I got it and mine looks a little better than normal, but nothing super special. I'm expecting it to make my shoulder/chest/back skin get even pimplier like all these oils seem to be doing lately.
  5. by   Vespertinas
    My friend got it done too and it looks plain... enviable.

    I wonder if the box treatment looks as good, I saw that at the grocery store the other day.
  6. by   nursefrances
    Hi. I haven't tried this but I used to do hair. You have to be careful not to overdue any type of protein treatment ie. not too often. Too much protein can harden your hair and can break more easily. Once in a while won't hurt. Just an FYI
  7. by   Blanca R
    I too got keratin treatment done twice so far. I think I am going for another pretty soon. The results are definitely amazing, shine, manageability...lots of compliments.

    However, the results are not the same for every type of hair. Some do not achieve the expected results for specific reasons...inexperienced hairdresser, self-neglect, etc. It does require a little TLC afterwards to continue the results...sulfate-free hair products, etc.

    I have yet to try the OTC version...little skeptical.

    If you are really considering getting keratin treatment done, go for it. The results will leave you impressed.
  8. by   jadelpn
    I thought it OK, but I have really thick, really curly hair. It did not last long. I am one with the Chi hair straightener, and that wonderful silicone stuff if comes with (smells musky and reminds me of 1983!!) If I wash my hair and let it air dry, it is reminicient of a perm on the first day But I put the silicone stuff in my dry hair (hair HAS to be dry) and use the Chi and wa-la looks amazing!! Love it! I do not blow dry, I do not blow dry well, and sometimes I can wrestle my curly hair into some sort of new look, but not without product, and the product doesn't bode well with a long 12 hour shift--it starts running, and into my eyes....... I had to use a straightener anyway to acheive the same look as when I did keratin.....
  9. by   ro2878
    I have had it done several times. The first time I had it the results were awesome and definitely cut down my blow dry/straightening time. I like my hair pretty straight so I still flat iron after but it is much quicker - only a few pieces need to be done as opposed to the entire head. I've also had it done once in FL and I think the results were much better because I went to a place that only does brazillian straightening.

    The last 2 times I had it, I questioned whether it was worth the cost since it seemed to wear out much faster.

    You can't really get past the formaldehyde for straightening. It's got to contain something to straighten hair!
  10. by   Tinker88
    I did the Keratin Smoothing Treatment last year. I liked it at first, but it actually made my hair drier. I won't do it again.