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  1. I have a question for everyone out there. I have PCOS and one of the problems with this condition is it gives women acne. Because of the extra testosterone in my body I just have terrible acne. I have tried every face wash out there to no avail. I am 37 and my face looks like a teenage boy. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use? I know this condition is usually treated with the Pill but due to blood clotting issues I can't go on it. I don't really want to ask my doc for Accutane or anything because that drug seems so dangerous. I take care of my skin and I wash it 2-3 times a day but I am just so frustrated right now.
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  3. by   Esme12
    We can't give medical advice as per the Terms of Service......Have you tried proactive? Amazing stuff......I would consult with a dermatologist to see what else is out there.....((HUGS))
  4. by   NurseGirl525
    I understand. I'm not asking for medical advice. Just wanting to know if there is any over-the-counter stuff people have used or some kind of magic remedy. Lol. Yes I have tried proactive to no avail. I just can't seem to get this under control. It's quite embarrassing to be 37 with acne.
  5. by   Esme12
    The problem with PCOS it's hormone driven...OTC products may not help much....((HUGS))
  6. by   nursej22
    My daughter has PCOS and has been seeing a naturopath who has advised dietary changes. She has had some success by avoiding any soy and avocado.
    Best wishes!
  7. by   rnsrgr8t
    I do not have PCOS but I do have acne and I am 37 years old as well. I had tried EVERYTHING (seen a derm in the past too and tried Rx stuff as well). I was with you about Accutane as well and could not be on OCP. I found Serious Skin Care- their acne line (continuously clear) along with the Clarisonic brush to be a LIFESAVER. Serious skin care has their own website and they also sell it on HSN. I rarely break out anymore (used to get horrible, large, painful cystic/abscess type acne). The only time I do is if I miss a day of using my products. If you have not tried it, I think it is worth it. Proactive did nothing for me as did all of the other things you see advertised on TV. I was using the skin care regimen first and had good results. When I started using the Clarisonic, it was amazing. Good Luck!
  8. by   NurseGirl525
    I am so going to try that thank you!!! I just feel like I am at my wits end with my face anymore. And I have some of that cystic acne also and it is painful. But the embarrassment of having horrible acne at 37, well there are no words. I am going to the website right now.
  9. by   rdsxfnrn
    No medical advice, BUT my son has the same issue, esp. on his back. He went to see a dermatologist and it is finally clearing up. She put him on an oral med and a topical. A previous derm didn't do jack, except charge us money. : )
  10. by   rdsxfnrn
    Sorry, duplicate post. It was the computer, not me. I swear!
  11. by   rnsrgr8t
    Good Luck! QVC had a great deal (with easy pay ) on the clarisonic.
  12. by   Pink Magnolia
    I didn't find the clarsonic to work. Its buried in my bathroom closet now I've been using dove soap for sensitive skin (no fragrance). I also like sulfur mask and the clinique oil free moisturizer.
  13. by   jmiraRN
    although I do not have pcos, I suffer from acne. I was on a high dose of prednisone for 3 years and even though i'm free of it now, the horrible acne that came with hasn't subsided.

    I have found that using a clarisonic (mia 2) about 3x a week EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I also had to completely give up face makeup about 2 years ago. Except for my under eye concealer of course!

    I still get pimples and bad breakouts around my cycle and whenever heavily stressed. But the clarisonic helps a lot. And my face is extremely soft. I also now only use Aveeno Positively Radiant Calming as my moisturizer.

    The clarisonic is a bit pricey ($150), but every couple of months Ulta has a 20% off ANY 1 item coupon that would save you $30. To me the spending was justified because it helped my skin tremendously, but it will continue to be an ongoing battle.

    Let us know what ends up working for you!
  14. by   chewychipsahoy
    Hi. The only thing that dramatically cleared up my acne was using Paula's Choice products (specifically the BHA liquid and BP - the lower percentage one). The combination of these two products really cleared up my acne. Use a gentle cleanser beforehand and make sure all of your make-up is removed from the day.

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