Easy cook recipes for the school year

  1. With the advent of fall semester almost on us, I thought that some would like to give easy make recipes for the nursing student that needs that extra time to study.

    My favorite is a slow cooker recipe.

    Shopping list:
    family package of Boneless chicken breast (you can debone chicken if you feel like it)
    4-5 bottles of brown sugar bbq sauce (I like Kraft)
    potate rolls.

    In a.m. set slow cooker on lower setting place chicken breasts and 2 bottles bbq sauce in slow cooker and cover.

    When dinner time is close, "shred" chicken that has been cooking all day. My method of "shredding" is to take two forks and pull chicken apart in the slow cooker.

    Add more bbq sauce to taste and consistency that you like.

    Place shredded chicken on potato rolls and serve with tater tots or chips on paper plates.

    Clean up is easy and if you have any left over place individual servings in baggies and freeze for later. These can be micro waved for a quickie if you need it!
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  3. by   RN 2005
    My favorite easy recipe is potato chip chicken. I have been making it for years and thought I was the only one but then I saw it made on Good Morning America this week so I guess it is more popular than I thought!! My kids beg me to make this and they do not eat anything!

    Enough Skinless Chicken Breasts for everyone
    Melted Butter
    Potato chips (crush these into fine mixture. I roll mine with a rolling pin. Any chips will do, I use the regular wavy ones just because I like the extras!)

    Dip the skinless breasts into melted butter and then dip them into the chips coating them well. On GMA they also added some garlic to the butter. I have not tried that yet.

    Place them spread apart in a shallow pan and put in oven for about 50 mins at 375. I tend to like my meat very well done so alter that time at your own discretion.

    This is a very easy and cheap meal that kids will love!
  4. by   det01
    My DH favorote is Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker.

    Beef cubes (you can buy them cubed or cube your own)
    1 pack lipton onion soup mix
    ittalian seasoning (to taste)
    2 cans beef stock
    2 cans water
    whatever veggies you like in your stew - I use potaos and carrots

    brown the beef
    combine all ingerdients in crock pot/slow cooker
    cook on low overnight (or throughout the day while you are gone)

    It is delicious Although hig in sodium. If you can't have that much sodium, just use water instead of stock. Or use tomato soup.
  5. by   Bevi
    Essarge, i started a thread like this a week or so ago,

    The moderator of this board (student nurses) moved it over to the breakroom in "general nursing discussions" so that it would get more answers... here is the url .

    There are a TON of good recipes there!