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  1. This is kind of random, but for those of you that have a CFA in your area, keep in mind that the coupons on the new calendars for 2013 are on a card and you need a separate email account for every card. My mom usually buys quite a few because I like CFA and it gives me something to eat when she is busy, but the cashier didn't tell her about the email account thing until after she bought multiple calendars.

    So, I thought I would give you all a heads up if you buy those coupon calendars from CFA.
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  3. by   ktwlpn
    And for those of you who have boycotted CFA due to their support of anti-gay organizations there is an excellent copycat recipe available FOR FREE on the web.You can replicate the taste of CFA anytime....(I'm just sayin")
  4. by   crebs
    I love chick fil a but have only had it like twice in my life. I support freedom of speech so I don't have a problem with them for that reason, but in terms of health I wouldn't eat it much. Fast food is not the best for us! But when it's yummy, every once in a while is OK.
  5. by   somenurse
    I also support freedom of speech, and will stand up for their CEO's right to be a bigot,
    but, choices have consequences. And for me, and for many others, one of the consequences of being an out bigot, is,
    you can lose business. I prefer not to $upport bigots with my wallet if i can avoid it.

    Also, since i've gotten older, i have become ever more increasingly aware, we should NOT be feeding this kind of crapola to our children. Not much harm in very small, very infrequent amounts, but, fast food is disasterous to one's overall nutritional status, especially to young ones still in their nutritional formative years. Turns out, salts/fats are kind of addicting. who knew? Might be one of the reasons we now have one in 4 kids in the USA who are overweight,
    this generation IS being raised on an entirely different diet than we grew up on.

    Lots of great films out there, like the 4-part series called "WEIGHT OF THE NATION" which has a special section on why what we feed our kids can impact them so much. This series can be watched free online. LInes of that film, still cross my mind now and then
    other interesting, thought provoking films about fast food, include "super size me" and some others, whose names escape me right now.

    EDIT, well, actually, i said that wrong, i should have said, since i've gotten older, i have become more aware AGAIN about how important eating right IS, especially for children, cuz i did raise mine on very healthy meals, i really did. NOt a lot of fried or fatty foods, and almost no fast food ever, not much junky foods. Just never kept in the house.
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  6. by   jadelpn
    Quote from Jean Marie46514
    ...Also, since i've gotten older, i have become ever more increasingly aware, we should NOT be feeding this kind of crapola to our children...
    Couldn't have said it better myself...."feeding" meaning figuratively....CEO can be a bigot, but won't get my money, and a good lesson to teach our children mutual respect. (Oh, how I dislike the word "tolerance") . It starts at home. And whatever your thoughts about people with alternate lifestyles, the new generation starts with us. Content of character as opposed to who someone loves.