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    Hiya Gavin. Early start works for me on the other side of the world in Aus. I have just done a 6oo kilometre trip to my doctor so I am ready for bed. Night all. Hooroo

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    Morning! Just to get everyone in the mood, we all know it's Groundhog Day, but it's also some of its rodent cousins' Days also. But on a food note, it is Crepe Day.

    Now if you're Catholic and of that 'certain' age, you might remember Blessing of the Candles Day - parish members used to bring all kinds of candles to church to be blessed. All 'good' Catholic homes also had a 'supplies kit' for the home administration of the sacrament Extreme Unction that used the 'blessed' candles and holy water. I guess that goes back to the days of 'yore' when church priests made home visits to minister to the sick & dying and the supplies were needed. I think of that when I watch that old Bing Crosby Crosby/Barry Fitzgeradl movie, "Going My Way".

    Now I know that not only am I short (ixchel's I Learned ... post), but I am also noticing that I must be getting older (just GETTING there - NOT there yet). I want a SIMPLE alarm clock that doesn't require a degree in mechanical engineering to program. You know the kind - white, plug-in, with REAL numbers, not those LED kind. With the button on the back that you just turn to get to the time you want and then you pull the button out. And a snooze alarm. Just try to find one - and not one in a catalogue that costs $60 +.

    I've said this before - I'm a technological dinosaur. Computer-ly challenged. Ted so graciously made some suggestions yesterday re purchasing computers. But truth be told,, much of that info flew over my head. I'm rather embarrassed to tell y'all what was wrong with my equip the other day. My wireless mouse failed (I've since learned there's 3 things to check - on/off, the chip that goes into the side on the computer, and fresh battery). Need I say more ): I don't have the technique to use that mouse-y spot on my keyboard, so I was stuck.

    And you guys who cook - I'm envious. All I wanted yesterday was grilled cheese and tomato soup, so that was my dinner.

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    Good morning.
    I'm going to the doctor with Step-Mom.

    I plan to watch the video when I get home.

  • 9

    Good Morning Gavin, Bushie, and all who pop in,

    Love that you are so driven Gavin, wonderful to have future goals just try not being so hard on yourself ok?

    Mike I hope the 600KM was worth the trip to the docs mate, how are you feeling? I know you have got so much on your plate right now but yet you remain upbeat. Hope you managed to get to scotch-o-clock before you hit the hay!

    Yesterday was very good workwise, I even managed some office time *faint* to speak with some docs and get some schtuff done.

    Today should be a reasonable day with patient visits then finishing off with our IDG meeting which I look forward to.

    Hubs and I did not get to hike the dogs tonight got home and it was pouring and the dogs were rolled into tiny balls. How do they do that as they are mod-large dogs??

    So hubs and I hit the weights again and had far too much fun rolling around cracking up laughing. I feel it today so I guess in between us laughing we actually did work the muscles. It is nice to have an exercise buddy. Not sure I will do much tonight other than lower body as my upper muscles are singing happily. LOL

    Hope you all have a most excellent and happy day.

    Much love to you all.

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    Gavin sounds like you have a good plan

    MIchael that's a lot of driving

    Morning Sabby

    Stayed up kind of late listening to Iowa caucus stuff, probably should have gone to bed earlier

    Was feeling kind of down and unmotivated yesterday, not sure why, perhaps I'm getting a little burned out at work. Will be taking some more time off this year, perhaps that will help

    Exercised last night, also emailed the animal shelter again, hopefully they'll respond soon. Also been researching online dating sites, Tweety has been sharing his experiences. Have to make sure I have some good photos to post, right now I only have some low quality selfies

    Emailed my best friend, looks like his schedule may not allow us to get together again until March. Been difficult lately to find times when we're both available

    Nothing in particular planned for today, going to be quite rainy

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    Good morning!

    I see NSIME's but no post yet...good morning!

    Stay focused one day at a time Gavin and you'll get there.

    Hope the treatments go well for you Michael. G'day

    Sabby, sounds like you and hubs make working out fun and generally have fun and lots of laughter together...good for the body to laugh a lot.

    Joe, picking the right picture can be agonizing can't it. LOL

    amoLucia, never heard of the candles thing...but then again we weren't good Catholics...LOL

    Far, (in my Cher "Moonstruck" voice) SNAP OUT OF IT

    Today I have a massage planned. It's been about five weeks since my initial treatments for my neck and shoulder issues. I'm much better but not 100% so hopefully this can help me maintain.

    Had a great time at the Barry Manilow concert. He looked and sounded great! He belted out those hits like it was 1975. The opening act was jazz saxophonist Dave Koz whom always was quite good. I used to have some of his albums on CD, but sold them on eBay. I forgot how much I liked him.

    Hopefully you can view this vid. It's Barry doing a duet with his younger self. Taken with my smart phone so not good quality visually or sound, but you get the picture when you see it.