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Knitting Anyone? - page 2

I have finally figured out knit and purl :yeah: I belong to a lovely knitting group and I've discovered I'm a visual/hands on kind of learner. Books are great, but actually seeing it is better. ... Read More

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    I have 3-4 projects going at any given time.
    Last Christmas I was finally able to convince my husband that a Namaste Hermosa bag was a need not a want. Now I get to carry all my projects and tools wherever I go

    Quote from BCgradnurse
    I love to knit, but my carpal tunnel doesn't allow me to anymore......I miss it!
    Waaay after the fact but have you tried changing techniques?

    My mom knit English her entire life, until her arthritis got too bad. I taught her Continental and she was able to enjoy several more years of knitting.

    Quote from tokmom
    Try for patterns and video's, plus a helpful message board.

    Anyone made socks? I'm soo addicted to making them.
    Love knitting socks, hate working with DPNs with a passion that burns. I do them with 9" bamboo circs
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    I knit! I absolutely adore it! ^^ and yes, knits are definitely not only for cold weather. (: I know of a very lightweight, easy baby hat pattern if you're interested.
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    I knit, crochet, tat, weave, embroider, needlepoint, and ride motorcycles. It seems like work is what I do in my spare time!